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  Bar Exam Results Archive

Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
announces the
July 2008
Bar Examination Results
Release Date: October 10, 200

The following list contains the names of everyone who passed the latest Connecticut bar examination. However, not everyone on this list has been recommended for admission to the bar. For further information, contact the Connecticut Bar Examining Committee at
100 Washington Street, Hartford, CT 06106-4411. Telephone (860) 706-5136.

Applicants passing the July 2008 Bar Examination
(alphabetical order by last name)

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Abraham, Karen Lynn of Vernon, CT  
Achtziger, Erika Marie of Dix Hills, NY  
Adrianse, Ashley Kristine of West Hartford, CT  
Agman, Nike Victoria of Windsor, CT  
Agnelli, III, Joseph Francis of Shrewsbury, MA  
Aguilar, Jennifer Susanne of Branford, CT  
Alden, Carissa Louise of New York, NY  
Alessi, Jacqueline Ann of West Springfield, MA  
Allen, Portia Doretha of Springfield, MA  
Alter, Bernard Mitchell of Baldwin, NY  
Anderson, Timothy Todd of Hope, RI  
Anglin, Raechel Keay of Douglasville, GA  
Anthony, Tony  of Springfield, MA  
Antonacci, Jennifer Mills of Waterbury, CT  
Antoszewski, James Harold of New Canaan, CT  
Arvelo, Dinamary  of Hartford, CT  
Ast, Irwin  of Weston, FL  
Austin, Craig James of Marilla, NY  
Auty, Kyle Thomas of Newington, CT  
Avcollie, Christopher S. of Waterbury, CT  
Ayers, Christopher Lewis of Providence, RI  
Aylor, Rachel  of Hamden, CT  
Bacchus, Rafeena  of Hartford, CT  
Badr, Joanne H. of Hamden, CT  
Baehr, Kristina Scurry of New York, NY  
Baker, Alison Patricia of Stamford, CT  
Balding, Tyler James of New Milford, CT  
Baranowski III, Victor John of Liverpool, NY  
Barbieri, Robert A. of Milford, CT  
Barbour, Andrew Holter of Stamford, CT  
Barrera, Michael  of New York, NY  
Battey, Janet Ann of Derby, CT  
Baver, Jeremy Eric of Hartford, CT  
Baxley, Timothy G. of Northport, NY  
Bayly, Lauren C. of West Hartford, CT  
Beaton, Erin Lynn of East Hartford, CT  
Becker, Jennifer M. of New York, NY  
Beirne, Brian Logan of Milford, CT  
Benjamin-Smith, Amanda Gabriella of Bloomfield, NJ  
Bennett, Matthew James of Mahopac, NY  
Benton, Hannah Elisabeth of Fitchburg, WI  
Berenyi, Jessica Rachel of Westport, CT  
Berggren, Karen Michele of White Plains, NY  
Berkoski, Jennifer Lynn of White Plains, NY  
Bernard, Joy Wendy-Ann of Southbury, CT  
Bernstein, Jaclyn Gail of Pomona, NY  
Bevilacqua, Jr., John Joseph of Providence, RI  
Bezoza, Jenna Elizabeth of New York, NY  
Bickford, Geoffrey Keenan of Brooklyn, NY  
Biesadecki Jr., Gary Michael of Seymour, CT  
Bigin, Michael Stephen of Weston, CT  
Bilello, Lauren Kathleen of West Harrison, NY  
Bilotta, Allison Heather of Valhalla, NY  
Birrell, Sheila Kathleen of Glastonbury, CT  
Bjorkman, Christine A. of Danbury, CT  
Blair, Margo  of New York, NY  
Blais, Allison Marie of East Hartford, CT  
Blakey, Matthew  of Rocky Hill, CT  
Bloom, Laurie  of Weston, CT  
Blyskal III, Joseph James of Mansfield Center, CT  
Bogart, Anitra Nicole of New York, NY  
Bollepalli, Sumanth  of Flushing, NY  
Borghardt, Charles William of Smithtown, NY  
Bourque, Lisa R. of Hoboken, NJ  
Bowman, Peter Christopher of Plantsville, CT  
Boyter, Casey Page of New York, NY  
Bradel, Ryan Christopher of Washington, DC  
Bradford, Rachel Marie of Willimantic, CT  
Bradford, Shelby N. of South Glastonbury, CT  
Braun, Barbara Kaye of West Harrison, NY  
Brenia, Rebecca Biles of Simsbury, CT  
Brennan, Liam  of Washington, DC  
Breslow, Amy Hope of Stamford, CT  
Breslow, Eric Andrew of Forest Hills, NY  
Briess, Craig Charles of New York, NY  
Brim, Brandon Young of New Haven, CT  
Brooks III, Richard Lenard of Hartford, CT  
Brough, Keith Thomas of New Fairfield, CT  
Brown, Jeremy Lee of Ludlow, MA  
Brown, Neil Gladstone of Meriden, CT  
Brundige, Elizabeth Walker of New Haven, CT  
Bryant, Sandra Lynn of East Hampton, CT  
Buchel, Justin Scott of Old Bethpage, NY  
Buckland, Audra M. of Enfield, CT  
Bulochnik, Michael  of Riverside, CT  
Burdge, Kimberly A. of Clarence Center, NY  
Burke, John Francis of Glastonbury, CT  
Burnham, Stephen J. of Newington, CT  
Burns, Ryan Matthew of New York, NY  
Butler, Douglas Hugh of Westfield, MA  
Cahillane, Brian P. of Springfield, MA  
Calabro, Jr., Daniel  of Warwick, RI  
Calandruccio, Jon Paul  of Botsford, CT  
Calder, Caitlin M.E. of Chester, CT  
Callahan, Darin Lee of West Hartford, CT  
Campbell, John Eric of Torrington, CT  
Campolongo, Melisa B. of Danbury, CT  
Canovas, Joseph Walter of Staten Island, NY  
Capalbo, III, Thomas Joseph of Westerly, RI  
Carpenter, Natalie Gail of Enfield, CT  
Carroll, Justin Francis of New York, NY  
Casey, Sean  of Whitman, MA  
Cates, Andrew John of West Hartford, CT  
Cesare, Lisa A. of Southbury, CT  
Chang, Steven Briar of Potomac, MD  
Chapla, Jennifer Kathryn of Union, NJ  
Chard, Todd Michael of Hudson Falls, NY  
Chen, Heng Alan of Flushing, NY  
Chen, Joyce H. of New Haven, CT  
Chipman, Sarah Maybelle of Windsor, CT  
Chiti, Guilia Margueritte of White Plains, NY  
Cho, Sungho  of Willington, CT  
Christiansen, Jennifer Leigh of Greenwich, CT  
Cisar, Michael M. of Newington, CT  
Clinton, Megan Seitz of New York, NY  
Cohen, Joshua Randolph Ivan of Middletown, CT  
Cohen, Robin Marcy of Commack, NY  
Cohen, Sarah Ann of Unionville, CT  
Cohen, Valerya  of Bronx, NY  
Colander, Brandi Adele of Hartford, CT  
Cole, Alexis Anne of Norwalk, CT  
Cole-Johnson, Britt-Marie K. of Bloomfield, CT  
Col´┐Żn, Jasmine Natasha of Bronx, NY  
Cometti, Mario David of Stamford, CT  
Conant, Seth John Southall of Windsor, CT  
Condon, Brian S. of Bellmore, NY  
Constantinides, Julie Anne of Riverdale, NY  
Cordeiro, Hansel Jaidev of Forest Hills, NY  
Corning, John Douglas of Avon, CT  
Cortina, Jamie L. of Milford, CT  
Cosentino, Emily Elizabeth of Wakefield, MA  
Costa, Sandra  of Stamford, CT  
Costa, Stefano F. of Bronx, NY  
Crane, Lee S. of South Windsor, CT  
Criniti, Alissa Anne of New Britain, CT  
Crisp IV, Daniel Thurman of Bristol, CT  
Cronin, Joanna Loraine of Hartford, CT  
Crose, Jennifer L. of Storrs-Mansfield, CT  
Cullen, Tracey A. of New York, NY  
Cummings, Michael Thomas of Monroe, CT  
Cuomo, Shari-Lynn Marie of East Haven, CT  
Cyganska, Katarzyna M. of Cromwell, CT  
DaCosta, Octavio Teodoro of Manchester, CT  
D'Agostino, Linda Maria of Yonkers, NY  
D'Ambrosio, Kerri M. of Port Jefferson Station, NY  
D'Ambrosio, Monica Marie of Brookfield, CT  
D'Angelica, Christa  of Thornwood, NY  
Danielsen, Kenneth B. of East Meadow, NY  
Darts, Courtney Ann of White Plains, NY  
Davie III, John Leslie of Arlington, VA  
De Barbieri, Edward W. of Madison, CT  
Dee, Sofia M. of New York, NY  
Del Gaudio, Laura M. of Newington, CT  
Dellenbaugh, Geoffrey Goddard of Glastonbury, CT  
Dennis, Vanessa Anne of Cranston, RI  
Denyer, Emily Michelle Whitney of Watertown, CT  
DePaola, Allison  of North Branford, CT  
DePina, Fallon Carla of Hartford, CT  
Depowski, Kristen Leigh of New Hyde Park, NY  
Devlin, Michelle Lauren of Milford, CT  
DiLeonardo, Lauren Victoria of New York, NY  
DiNardo, Richard Stephen of Guilford, CT  
Dioses, Karem Madeleine of Norwalk, CT  
Dobson, Katherine M. of Westfield, NJ  
Dobson, Kimberly N. of Cortlandt Manor, NY  
Dolan, Matthew Michael of West Hartford, CT  
Donlin, Christopher J. of Hamden, CT  
Donovan, Fiona Teresa of West Hartford, CT  
Douglas, Nastajha N. of Enfield, CT  
Drega, Amy Elizabeth of New Haven, CT  
Duchesne, Alexandra C. of Mount Vernon, NY  
Dudley, Robert Thomas of Kailua Kona, HI  
Dumas, Carrie M. of Hamden, CT  
Dwyer, Meghan Elizabeth of New York, NY  
Dzamko, Aaron Alexander of Bethel, CT  
Eastman, Benjamin Thomas of New York, NY  
Ehrlich, Grant Michael of West Hartford, CT  
Eik, Patrick E. of Springfield, MA  
Elliott, Daniel Patrick of North Haven, CT  
Emerson, Robert Clayton of West Haven, CT  
Fabiaschi, Meredith L. of Torrington, CT  
Fanesi, Monica Rose of Hamden, CT  
Feazell, Thomas Michael of Hartford, CT  
Fetterman, Liv Kristina of Fairfield, CT  
Fitzpatrick, Evan William of Hartford, CT  
Fleming, Michelle E. of Brooklyn, CT  
Flores, Raul Gabriel of New York, NY  
Foley, Thomas Brendan of Bronxville, NY  
Fontanella, Demian John of Bristol, CT  
Forde, Charlene Patricia of Garden City Park, NY  
Forte, Stephen Michael of Thornwood, NY  
Fortin, Adrienne Claire of Cheshire, CT  
Frankel, Kathryn Meg of Chappaqua, NY  
Franklin, Shenice C. of Bronx, NY  
Friedland, Amos Emory of New Haven, CT  
Frilling, Michael Christopher of West Hartford, CT  
Fulman, Irina  of Brooklyn, NY  
Gabor, Csaba  of New Britain, CT  
Gagnon, Jason Ronald of Manchester, CT  
Gagnon, Laura Eleanor of West Babylon, NY  
Gaico, Michael R. of Stamford, CT  
Gaidos, Matthew John of Simsbury, CT  
Galiette, Jennifer Elise of Hartford, CT  
Gannon, Marie Julia of Yonkers, NY  
Garcia, Keri  of Wolcott, CT  
Garg, Kumar Ankur of New Haven, CT  
Gasthalter, Adam Benjamin of New York, NY  
Gawley, Christopher Jon of Danbury, CT  
Gelfuso, Nicholas S. of Cranston, RI  
Generas III, George Paul of Simsbury, CT  
Giacobbe, John Anthony of New Haven, CT  
Gifford Jr., Burton Verdi of Hamden, CT  
Gitlin, Cara Diane of Hamden, CT  
Glasheen, Kelly Ann of Simsbury, CT  
Golden, Gillian Michele of New York, NY  
Golder, David Ross of West Hartford, CT  
Golder, Shera Gittleman of West Hartford, CT  
Goldman, Gabriel R.W. of Trumbull, CT  
Goldstein, Lindsey Ray of Long Island City, NY  
Gomez, Virginia  of Stamford, CT  
Goodman, Anthony Dean of Hartford, CT  
Gordon-Tennant, Courtney  of Newport, RI  
Gover, Erin Michelle of Bronxville, NY  
Goyco, Katrina Monique of West Hartford, CT  
Gradzki, Monika Anna of Cromwell, CT  
Graner, Emily Laurel of Gales Ferry, CT  
Grant, Carly Susanne of West Harrison, NY  
Grant, Michael Thomas of Hartford, CT  
Green, Lauren Elizabeth of Ossining, NY  
Green, Olatokunbo Temitayo of Rocky Hill, CT  
Greene, Jonathan Wilfred of Barrington, RI  
Greenfield, Arielle Beth of Amawalk, NY  
Greenwald, Brian Y. of Brooklyn, NY  
Grenier, Joshua Paul of Lyme, CT  
Griggs, Scott Hopkins of Longmeadow, MA  
Grosberg, Jeffrey John of Oxford, CT  
Grosner, Tara Jones of New York, NY  
Gruer, D. Francesca  of New Haven, CT  
Guccion, Mary Kathryn of Wappingers Falls, NY  
Gunerman, Kristen F. of Enfield, CT  
Hakim, Pierre J. of Middlebury, CT  
Hales, Brooke Wagner of Weston, CT  
Hamad, Daniel Robert of Southbury, CT  
Hammond, Kimberly M. of Glastonbury, CT  
Hankovszky, Alexandra Ilona of New York, NY  
Harris, Adam Michael of New York, NY  
Hassan, Syed Zaid of South Windsor, CT  
Healey, Alison Cosgrove of Newtown, CT  
Heffernan, J. Colin of Old Saybrook, CT  
Height, Jennifer Lois of Plainville, CT  
Heiple, Bonnie Leigh of Cheshire, CT  
Heller, Pamela A. of Weatogue, CT  
Henault, Lauren Anne of Houston, TX  
Hennes, Stefanie Notarino of West Haven, CT  
Heredia, Ingemar  of Fairfield, CT  
Herriott, Julie Marie of Bristol, CT  
Hersh, Lindsay H. of Fairfield, CT  
Herz, Jennifer Ann of Hartford, CT  
Heyworth, James Ormerod of New York, NY  
Hinchey, Heather Brown of Salisbury, CT  
Hirsch, Etan  of Fairfield, CT  
Holland, Christopher J. of Springfield, MA  
Hopson, Samia Danielle of Quincy, MA  
Hrelic, Dana Marie of Hartford, CT  
Hudson, Andrew Scott of Anchorage, AK  
Hui, Dustin Richard of Springfield, MA  
Hull, Jonathan Lee of Hartford, CT  
Hutchison, Jennifer Marie of Simsbury, CT  
Jacobson, Caroline Post of New York, NY  
Jadoonanan, Rena Jaya of Coral Springs, FL  
Jankowski, Elizabeth Michelle of Cheshire, CT  
Janow, Jonathan D. of Washington, DC  
Jazlowiecki, Zak A.F. of West Simsbury, CT  
Jensen, Kirsten Anne of Hamden, CT  
Johnson, Kelly Anne of Clinton, CT  
Johnson, Phyllis Maloney of New Haven, CT  
Jones, Brendan Ivan Rivera of New Haven, CT  
Jones, Christopher Edward of Stratford, CT  
Jones, Cristina Marie of Mohegan Lake, NY  
Jones, Marcus J. of Bristol, RI  
Joshi, Neeraj Ramchandra of Montville, NJ  
Julian, Lauren Dianne of Alpharetta, GA  
June-Wells, Ashlee Elizabeth of Branford, CT  
Justice, Caroline Mitchell of Arlington, VA  
Kasowitz, Adam M. of Hartford, CT  
Kasuri, Kuljeet Singh of Old Bridge, NJ  
Katsetos, Stavros  of Poughkeepsie, NY  
Keane, Jaclyn M. of Brooklyn, NY  
Keating, Adam J. of Longmeadow, MA  
Keller, Kimberlee Jean of Harford, CT  
Kelly, Stephanie J. of Riverside, RI  
Kennedy, Christine M. of Hamden, CT  
Kepner, Adrienne L. of Webster, NY  
Kester, Tracie M. of Westfield, MA  
Kielbania, Richard Edward of Avon, CT  
Kiely, John Stephen of New York, NY  
Kim, Jona  of Valley Stream, NY  
Kimball, Christopher Phillip of Greenville, RI  
Kimball, Jennifer L. of Jacksonville, FL  
Kimelman, Jeffrey M. of Old Westbury, NY  
King, Sharifa N. of Shelton, CT  
Kinney, Adam Fordham of Elmira, NY  
Kinsella, Jason Patrick of Farmington, CT  
Kipp, Blair A. of Myrtle Beach, SC  
Kirkwood, Elizabeth Ann of Valatie, NY  
Kisyk, Jr., Dennis Peter of New York, NY  
Kletter, Dylan Patrick of West Hartford, CT  
Knapp, Katherine A. of Enfield, CT  
Koachman, Jaclyn Lee of Bethlehem, CT  
Kocsondy, Patricia Nicole of West Hartford, CT  
Kokoski, Amy L. of Hebron, CT  
Konferowicz, Olga  of Berlin, CT  
Kosma, Michael Joseph of Shelton, CT  
Kountotsis, Theodosios  of East Elmhurst, NY  
Kozaczka, Dyan M. of West Suffield, CT  
Kozlowski, Elizabeth Page of New York, NY  
Kratzer, Kevin Richard of Rocky Hill, CT  
Kuebler, Kelle Lynn of Niskayuna, NY  
Kuperman, Igor G. of Brooklyn,, NY  
Kurker-Stewart, Christon R. of Cheshire, CT  
Lager, Karen M. of White Plains, NY  
Lata, Nicholas Peter of East Hartford, CT  
Lattanzio, Patricia Maria of White Plains, NY  
Laufer, Adena Meira of Washington, DC  
Leberstein, Sarah  of New York, NY  
LeBlond, Kristen M. of Farmington, CT  
Leck, Justin Ross of New Haven, CT  
Lee, Martin H. of New Haven, CT  
Lee, Maureen Ann of Brooklyn, NY  
Lefebvre, Edward Bellamy of Farmington, CT  
Lenoir, Robert A. of McComb, MS  
Lesko, Steven M. of Old Saybrook, CT  
Leung, Jonathan H. of Elmhurst, NY  
Levine, Alison Rose of West Hartford, CT  
Likoff, Amy Lynne of Philadelphia, PA  
Limberis, Nikon  of Astoria, NY  
Lindsay, Katherine Loretta of West Hartford, CT  
Lipp, Michael James of Branford, CT  
Lipstein, Heather Ilene of New York, NY  
Long, Meredith Ann of New Hartford, CT  
Lorenzo, Eric Festin of Flushing, NY  
Love, Erick Deshon of Houston, TX  
Lovelace, Amanda Detweiler of Stamford, CT  
Luisi, Anthony Paul of Dobbs Ferry, NY  
Lydecker, Daniel Garrit of Windsor, CT  
Lydon, Scott Andrew of Hebron, CT  
Mackay, Kristen Lauren of Bronxville, NY  
Magnusson, Martin Jan of West Hartford, CT  
Mahaney, Julie Lynn of West Hartford, CT  
Mamaysky, Isaac  of Boston, MA  
Mancini, Matthew James of Bloomfield, CT  
Manfro, Jordan Jayce of Millbrook, Ny  
Mangione, Amy Suzanne of Hamden, CT  
Mann, Elizabeth Stillwell of New York, NY  
Mannarino, Andrew R. of Chappaqua, NY  
Manson, Michelle Marie of Alexandria, VA  
Manteghian, Laura Rose of Wolcott, CT  
Marcuse, Deborah K. of New Haven, CT  
Mariani, Alessia Pamela of Yonkers, NY  
Marinelli, Francesca Lynn of New York, NY  
Markham, Amy Elizabeth of Cromwell, CT  
Markoff, Matthew E. of Kings Park, NY  
Markowitz, Stephanie M. of Brewster, NY  
Marsille, Michael Paul of Salem, MA  
Masella, John Patrick of Peru, NY  
Massey, Elizabeth Slater of West Hartford, CT  
Matthews, Andrew N. of Enfield, CT  
McBride, Meredith Frances of Brooklyn, NY  
McClung, Jessica Ann of Huntington, NY  
McDermod, William Joseph of Somerville, MA  
McDonald, Jeffrey Owen of Middletown, CT  
McDonald, Megan Margaret of New York, NY  
McFerren, Allyson Marie of New Milford, CT  
McGann, Bernadette Karen of Washington, DC  
McGlyn, Thomas James of Hoboken, NJ  
McGuire, Sarah Judith of North Branford, CT  
McKinley, Lila M. of West Hartford, CT  
McLaren, Kenneth Scott of New Haven, CT  
McLaughlin, Allison Marie of Portland, ME  
McMillin, Susan Marie of Stonington, CT  
Medeiros, Megan Alisha of West Haven, CT  
Medwar, Kimberly Sue of Westbrook, CT  
Mendelowitz, Adam Scott of New York, NY  
Mensah, Kwabena Osei of Rocky River, OH  
Merced Agosto, Charleen Enid of Newington, CT  
Middleton, Margaret Moog of New Haven, CT  
Milikowsky, Matthew  of New Haven, CT  
Miller, Judith Pola of Washington, DC  
Miller, Karen Lee of Bridgeport, CT  
Miller, Scott Jonathan of North Merrick, NY  
Milner, Julie M. of Elmhurst, NY  
Miodonka, Tony  of Milford, CT  
Mira, Jennifer Elizabeth of West Hartford, CT  
Miros, Faith Eleni of Dumont, NJ  
Moller, Robert Timothy of Hartford, CT  
Mongillo, Cristina Teresa of Trumbull, CT  
Montero, Christhie Maria of Bronx, NY  
Moon, Bongseob  of Palisades Park, NJ  
Moore, Thomas Peter of Amenia, NY  
Morando, Anthony Francis of Mahopac, NY  
Morelli, Tracy J. of New Haven, CT  
Morgan, Richard Craig of Woodbury, CT  
Morse, Robert M. of Hartford, CT  
Morse, Ryan Killeen of Amherst, MA  
Moy, Kenneth James of New York, NY  
Muccilli, Gregory Paul of Guilford, CT  
Muccio, Gina Marie of Patterson, NY  
Muchnick, Kate Lambert Harrison of New Haven, CT  
Muller, Chip  of Barrington, RI  
Murphy, Robert Hayes of Haddam, CT  
Murray, Sarah E. of Yonkers, NY  
Nadler, Courtney B. of West Hartford, CT  
Nam, Jennifer S. of New York, NY  
Nathan, Manu Ganesh of Woodbridge, CT  
Nelson, Erika Lynn of Durham, CT  
Ness, Adam  of New York, NY  
Nevins, Patrick F. of Wallingford, CT  
Newberry, Brian Clifford of North Smithfield, RI  
Nicholson, JoAnna Ruth of Amityville, NY  
Nickerson, Theo  of Washington, DC  
Nolan, Melanie Bauer of North Babylon, NY  
Nosse, Joseph Gerald of Jefferson, OH  
Nuzzelillo-Moran, Jessica Lynn of Bethesda, MD  
Obadia, Scarlett  of New York, NY  
Obeso, Jaclyn Marie of New Haven, CT  
O'Brien, John Larkin of East Hartford, CT  
O'Brien, John Patrick of Suffield, CT  
Ochoa, Richard  of Stamford, CT  
Olsen, Kathryn Nora of Norwalk, CT  
O'Neill, Ryan Alexander of Trumbull, CT  
Orlando, Amy Elizabeth of West Simsbury, CT  
Orlando, James H. of Selkirk, NY  
Osterweil, Adam Jason of Fairfield, CT  
Otocka, Erika Catherine of Greenwich, CT  
Ouellette, Nicholas Norton of New Hartford, CT  
Owens, Isaih Rochell of Valley Stream, NY  
Panikoff, Jonathan Ross of Groton, CT  
Panosky, Rebecca Lynn of Enfield, CT  
Paolino, Rebecca Lynn of Woodbury, CT  
Papadogiannis, Steve Peter of South Windsor, CT  
Park, Hyunho  of Melville, NY  
Park, Jean  of Groton, CT  
Parkin, Christopher T. of Farmington, CT  
Parsons, Beverly Jeanette of Lawrenceville, GA  
Patel, Amit D. of West Hartford, CT  
Patel, Tejal K. of Hartford, CT  
Patil, Vanitha S. of Farmington, CT  
Peacock, William Gene of Middletown, CT  
Pearlman, Paula Sobral of Simsbury, CT  
Penberthy, BrittanyLee  of Tonawanda, NY  
Pepe, Michael Vincent of Madison, CT  
Persich, Melanie Lynn of Hamden, CT  
Peterson, Angel  of Plantsville, CT  
Petrella, Julie Christine of Colchester, CT  
Petro, Melissia Kanady of Cheshire, CT  
Philemon, Christian Martin of New Haven, CT  
Philion, Daniel M. of New Rochelle, NY  
Phillips, Andrew Alan of Trumbull, CT  
Phillips II, Michael Theodore of Norwich, CT  
Piantek, Kurtis Zachary of Wallingford, CT  
Pires, Philip C. of Fairfield, CT  
Piro, Maria  of Westerly, RI  
Pisarsky, Nicholas A. of Newington, CT  
Plotkin, Nathan Zimmerman of Bronx, NY  
Plotkin, Thomas Arthur Bernard of West Hartford, CT  
Plourd, Benjamin Robert of South Windsor, CT  
Popilowski, Matthew David of Washington, CT  
Porzio, Steven J. of Waterbury, CT  
Powis, Patricia A. of Bayside, NY  
Proctor, David R. of Deep River, CT  
Prystowsky, Nathan G. of White Plains, NY  
Quidachay-Swan, Seth Ryan of New Haven, CT  
Quintin, Marie Theresa of New York, NY  
Racco, Jr., Luciano  of Meriden, CT  
Rajan, Shalu  of West Nyack, NY  
Rakoff, Jill Harri of Niantic, CT  
Rana, Sikandar I. of Norwich, CT  
Raucci, Marshall Mattison of Providence, RI  
Razel, Timothy Andrew of Rocky Hill, CT  
Redder, Adam Phillip of Setauket, NY  
Reeber, Matthew C. of Newport, RI  
Reed, Robert Nelson of Hartford, CT  
Regas, Beth Holabird of Arvada, CO  
Reichman, Ronald  of Trumbull, CT  
Renaud, Christophe Gilles Olivier of Hartford, CT  
Rich, Kristi Michele of Cohoes, NY  
Richtarich, Christopher Thomas of Monroe, CT  
Ritacco, Salvatore  of Pawcatuck, CT  
Rivera, Adam Jaimes of New York, NY  
Riverso, Michele S. of New Haven, CT  
Rizio, Angelo M. of Old Greenwich, CT  
Rizzo, Melissa Angeline of Windsor, CT  
Roberts, Kathryn Scarlett of West Hartford, CT  
Roberts, William John of Collinsville, CT  
Rogers, Megan Eileen of Wallingford, CT  
Rogol, Alissa Megan of Stamford, CT  
Roko, Ellyde Ingram of New York, NY  
Romano, Brian Timothy of Danbury, CT  
Romeo, Lauren  of Hopewell Junction, NY  
Romney, Aaron A. of Hartford, CT  
Rosebush, Lee Hamilton of Granger, IN  
Rosenberg, Gabe S. of Hamden, CT  
Rosenraich, Jessica  of New York, NY  
Rosenthal, Alice Forman of Brooklyn, NY  
Roy, Philippe Matthew of Brooklyn, NY  
Russo, Matthew Richard of Shelton, CT  
Rust, Christopher W. of Stamford, CT  
Rutkowska, Sylvia Krystyna of Middletown, CT  
Rycyk, Lara E. of Baldwin, NY  
Sabourin, Nathan Rodney of Albany, NY  
Salerno, Jr., Anthony James of Meriden, CT  
Saltus, Daniel T. of Westfield, MA  
Sanetti, Christopher Edward Hagermoser of West Hartford, CT  
Santovasi, Susan Ann of Goshen, CT  
Sastre, Joseph Robert of Norwich, CT  
Sauska, Stefanie Elizabeth of Orange, CT  
Savett, Stacy Lynn of Miami Beach, FL  
Schenkel, Edward Mark of West Hartford, CT  
Schenkel, Robert Alan of Bloomfield, CT  
Schiavone, Heather Ann of Hawthorne, NY  
Schieffer, Matthew K. of Danbury, CT  
Schmitz, Charles Donald of Ridgefield, CT  
Schramm, Jennifer Barbara of Mohegan Lake, NY  
Schultz, Sarah  of Woodbury, CT  
Schur, Jordan Wesley of Westport, CT  
Schurin, Zachary David of Storrs, CT  
Schwartz, Christopher Allen of West Hartford, CT  
Schwartzberg, Hilary M. of New York, NY  
Scott, Jason C. of Harriman, NY  
Scudder, John Whitney of Wilton, CT  
Seiden, Daniel J. of New Haven, CT  
Shakh, Roman J. of Brooklyn, NY  
Shanbaum, Robert M. of Manchester, CT  
Shapiro, Aaron D.P. of New York, NY  
Shiroma, Matthew John of  Hartford, CT  
Sibilio, Gregory C. of Manalapan, NJ  
Sikandar, Kaleem  of Miller Place, NY  
Silva, Leslie Ann of Enfield, CT  
Simmons, Colin Bryan of Greenwich, CT  
Simmons, S. Max of Hamden, CT  
Skelton, Alix  of Middletown, CT  
Skiber, Michael Edward of Norwalk, CT  
Skold, Michael Kenneth of Portland, CT  
Skrynecki, Scott Edmund of Huntington, NY  
Slobin, Irene Amanda of New York, NY  
Slover, Bradley Timothy of Rockville Centre, NY  
Smith, Brian George of Rye, NY  
Smith, Christine Marie of Cranston, RI  
Soderstrom, Kara Morgan of Arlington, VA  
Sonnenblick, Cynthia Adams of New York, NY  
Spadaccini, Keshet Rose of Manchester, CT  
Spath, Anthony John of Milford, CT  
Speight, Michael Edward of Hamden, CT  
Spiess, Virginia E. of Manchester, CT  
Spike, Andrew DeWitt of Mt. Morris, NY  
Spinella, Edward Brassil of West Hartford, CT  
Sprague, Sarah Helen of Syracuse, NY  
St. Germain, Heather Christine of Boston, MA  
St. Juste, Harrold  of Bridgeport, CT  
Stafstrom, Jr., Steven Joseph of Bridgeport, CT  
Stanford, Tami Allison of Orange, CT  
Staton, Jessica Lee of Boston, MA  
Stellato, Melissa Ann of Woodstock, NY  
Stephenson-Peterkin, Sandra M. T. of Stamford, CT  
Sterling, Andrew P. of Glastonbury, CT  
Stone, Spencer Andrew of West Springfield, MA  
Strelka, Andrew Charles of Washington, DC  
Strong, David Hannum of White Plains, NY  
Swanson, Adam Michael of Danbury, CT  
Sylvester, Brian Paul of New Haven, CT  
Tanaka, Elizabeth Stewart of Cheshire, CT  
Tanuis, Michael H. of Litchfield, CT  
Temple, Alex Michael of White Plains, NY  
Tener, Alexis Marie of Rockville Centre, NY  
Tenore, Christine M. of Wilton, CT  
Tepermayster, Milana  of Corona, NY  
Tessitore, Carmina Kathy of Seymour, CT  
Tharp, Charles Glen of New Canaan, CT  
Thaw, David Bernard of Hamden, CT  
Thompson, Scott D. of West Hartford, CT  
Tims, Brian E. of New Haven, CT  
Tobin, Bradford Allen of Stamford, CT  
Toleno, Jessica Anne of Williston Park, NY  
Tomlinson, Shelly-Ann Rickolette of Bronx, NY  
Topham, Rachel Jeanne of Shelton, CT  
Torres, Alyssa S. of Middletown, CT  
Tracey, Christopher Alan of West Hartford, CT  
Traktovenko, Ilya  of Avon, CT  
Tran, Nhi  of Hartford, CT  
Trautmann, Dean Cole of Oyster Bay, NY  
Trivedi, Shamik Nikhil of Chicago, OH  
Trivlis, Nicole K. of Mahopac, NY  
Troyb, Aleksandr Y. of Stamford, CT  
Trudell, James Edward of Farmington, CT  
Urbanowicz, Andrew Vincent of Enfield, CT  
Valauri, Matthew D. of Buffalo, NY  
Varga, Cheryl Lynn of Middlebury, CT  
Veilleux, Ryan Joseph of Milford, CT  
Vergara, Edward A. of New Haven, CT  
Vinokur, Lauren Melissa of Middlebury, CT  
Wachter, Jason Ronald of New York, NY  
Wainright, Kristin Lynn of West Hartford, CT  
Wang, Eric Davis of New York, NY  
Wang, Jamilia Tashima of Bloomfield, CT  
Wanger, Allison Sara of Albertson, NY  
Warfield, Rafiel Deon of Springfield, MO  
Washburn, Jessica Rose of Bridgeport, CT  
Waterman, John Patrick of Hamden, CT  
Weeks, Jonathan Geoffrey of Hamden, CT  
Weinberg, Jill Dana of Chicago, IL  
Weir, Alison M. of New Haven, CT  
Wenner, Daniel Eric of Brooklyn, NY  
White, Kathryn Elizabeth of Valley Cottage, NY  
Whiteley, Brooke Martin of Middlebury, CT  
Widlansky, Stacey Jill of South Windsor, CT  
Wierbicki, Diana  of Garden City, NY  
Wilhelmy, Geoffrey Brian of Rocky Hill, CT  
Williams, Christopher Paul of West Hartford, CT  
Winebarger, Jennifer Sarah of Greenwood, IN  
Wishnie, Michael J. of Hamden, CT  
Wisniewski, Christine Anne of Hawthorne, NY  
Witherell, Amy Elaine of Bristol, CT  
Wolf, Sarah Holley of Jersey City, NJ  
Wolkoff, Adam Jacob of Hartford, CT  
Woods, Brandon Peter of Windsor, CT  
Woodsby, Melissa S. of Berlin, CT  
Wright, William Nicholas of West Hartford, CT  
Wyckoff, Melissa S. of New Haven, CT  
Wyzik, Ryan M. of Springfield, MA  
Yapchanyk, Richard S. of Yonkers, NY  
Yelner, Olia M. of Trumbull, CT  
Yosafi-Lehman, Hila H. of Bristol, CT  
Young, Danielle Nikole of Brooklyn, NY  
Yupangco, Marco Paolo Lacson of San Clemente, CA  
Zaccagnino, Lauren Dianna of Plantsville, CT  
Zartman, Justin Allen of Hartford, CT  
Zeidan, Najah M. of Poughkeepsie, NY  
Zheng, Lisa Yashuai of Ozone Park, NY  
Zheng, Qiteng  of New York, NY  
Zimmerman, Ryan Jacob of Forest Hills, NY  
Ziza, Iva  of West Hartford, CT  
Zucco, Massiel E. of Yonkers, NY  


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