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Connecticut Bar Examining Committee

Bar Exam Results July 2006 - Archive
Adams, Bruce Howlett of Hartford, CT
Adams, Lee Reiber of Hartford, CT
Adamucci, Nicholas James of Atco, NJ
Afif, Maryam T. of Stamford, CT
Agwu, Ndukwe Daniel of Yonkers, NY
Aiken, James Eugene of White Plains, NY
Albanese, David J. of New Milford, CT
Ali, Raehan S. of Norwalk, CT
Allard, Corey J. of Providence, RI
Altaf, Somaira Khawar of East Windsor, CT
Altamirano, Jose Luis of Naugatuck, CT
Amore, Jennifer Rose of Floral Park, NY
Andrees, Karen Alison of Danbury, CT
Ankrom, Jeffrey C. of New London, CT
Annes, Eric Daniel of Silver Spring, MD
Anthony, Keith Jason of Guilford, CT
Antoci, Christopher Santo of Hamden, CT
Archampong-Gray, Awo Mansah of Sturbridge, MA
Arias, Abelardo J. of Hamden, CT
Arsenault, Rebekah M. of Hartford, CT
Asaad, Sami  of East Haven, CT
Ashman, Kristin Jeanne of White Plains, NY
Attanasio, Jerry E. of Middlebury, CT
Audet, Jessica L. of Brooklyn, CT
Auger, Michael F. of East Hartford, CT
Aures, Keane E. of West Hartford, CT
Avery, Heather Bronwen of West Hartford, CT
Bader, Jason R. of Rego Park, NY
Bajwa, Jaipaul Singh of Farmington, CT
Baker, Christa L. of Norwich, CT
Bannister, Heather L. of Waterford, CT
Barnes, Joseph Michael of Wolcott, CT
Barnett, Doris A. of Coventry, RI
Baroni, Megan Elizabeth of Stamford, CT
Barrett, Michael T. of Waterbury, CT
Barry, Desmond Todd of Mansfield Center, CT
Barry, Lisa Marie of Groton, CT
Barsom, Andrew Paul of Middletown, CT
Bartolomei III, James Henry of Little Rock, AR
Barton, David Howard of Huntington, NY
Bauder, Ryan Alan of Bristol, CT
Bauer, Meredith Ann of Avon, CT
Bavli, Hillel J. of Cedarhurst, NY
Bedoya, Jennifer Arianna of Old Greenwich, CT
Belkin, Lara Dewan of New Haven, CT
Bell, Angela Christine of Springfield, MA
Beller, Brian Joseph of New York, NY
Bennett, Aimee Brooke of Vienna, VA
Berger, Leah  of Bloomfield, CT
Berman, Jason  of Woodbury, NY
Berson, Lauren Elizabeth of West Islip, NY
Bhargava, Deepa  of New york, NY
Bienstock, Robert Eisig of New Haven, CT
Binet III, Richard Eugene of Vershire, VT
Blaser, Daniel Benjamin of New York, NY
Blumenfeld, Robert David of New York, NY
Bogart, Leslie  of West Haven, CT
Bonafonte, Steven John of Hartford, CT
Booth, Bradford Scott of Manchester, CT
Boothroyd, Emily Susan of Norwalk, CT
Bordeau, Katie Lewis of Wethersfield, CT
Bordeaux, Natalie J. of Kew Gardens, NY
Bose, Aloknanda Sinha of South Windsor, CT
Boucher, Kate Jeanne of Kensington, CT
Bradford, Allison Marie of Orange, CT
Brand, Jessica Ruth of Somers, NY
Brennan, Sharon Anne of Wantagh, NY
Britt, Lynne M. of Cos Cob, CT
Broderick, Colleen  of West Hartford, CT
Brooke, Samuel Jacob of Hartford, CT
Bunting, Megan McKeon of Salem, NH
Burgers, Aidan Renee of Stamford, CT
Busque, Michelle P. of Bolton, CT
Cable, Donna Kirby of Woodbridge, CT
Calenda, Charles C. of East Greenwich, RI
Calvi, Michelle Ann of New Canaan, CT
Cameron Chappell, Jacqueline D. of Bellingham, MA
Cammarano, Jennifer Lynn of Branford, CT
Candela, Michael  of Larchmont, NY
Candella, Donna J. of Meriden, CT
Canfield, Kenneth Scott of New York, NY
Canna, Brett Gerald of New York, NY
Capozzola, Dominick Cameron of Morris Plains, NJ
Carannante, Vincenzo  of East Longmeadow, MA
Carris, Jonathan William of Springfield, MA
Carson, David T, of New Haven, CT
Castelli, Meredith Blair of Holliston, MA
Caulfield, John C. of Greenwich, CT
Ceccorulli, Michael Adrian of Hamden, CT
Cerciello, Amy Findlay of New York, NY
Cessario, Joseph John of Stamford, CT
Chaudry, Madeha K. of Easton, CT
Chevalier, Rebecca  of Bronx, NY
Chheda, Ajay  of Jersey City, NJ
Chiarenza, Rocco A. of Springfield, MA
Chung, Deborah S. of Redding, CT
Chung, Michael Hyun of Stratford, CT
Clarkin, Christopher Charles of Tuckahoe, NY
Clayton, Nicole Sara Rose of Forest Hills, NY
Cleary, Daniel Milner of New York, NY
Cohn, Phillip Justin of Wilton, CT
Coleman, Meredith Anne of Hawthorne, NY
Collison, Angela Marie of Tarrytown, NY
Col�n, Ruth Noem� of White Plains, NY
Commodore, James Norris of Ridgefield, CT
Compagna, Brian Noel of Southport, CT
Connolly, Kathleen Ann of Brooklyn, NY
Connor, Kerry M. of Hales Location, NH
Conway, Tamara Lynn of Wilton, CT
Coolican, Michael James of East Hartford, CT
Cordima, Christopher Joseph of New Haven, CT
Corey, Ryan Bruce of Cheshire, CT
Corr, Marilee A. of Glastonbury, CT
Corrente, Matthew Lewis of Stamford, CT
Corvino, Lucia Anne of Norwalk, CT
Cosgrove, Andrew Thomas of Bristol, CT
Costanza Fillmore, Jacqueline J. of South Kingstown, RI
Costanzo, Jr., Charles Peter of Brooklyn, NY
Costello, Ryan Thomas of Agawan, MA
Cottler, Michael Brett of Eastchester, NY
Crisalli, Noelle Victoria of White Plains, NY
Cronan, Vincent John of Cheshire, CT
Cronin, Nora Marie of East Meadow, NY
Cummings-Garcia, Deneka Joy of West Palm Beach, FL
Curran, Aisling Mary of New York, NY
Curran, Alexandra Bettina of Hartford, CT
Curran, Mary Catherine of Hartford, CT
Curtler, Emily Hope of West Hartford, CT
Cushing, Tobias James of Hamden, CT
Czap, Stephanie Elissa of Cromwell, CT
Czepiel, Amanda Elizabeth of Deep River, CT
Daily, Elizabeth Gillingham of Portland, OR
D'Angelo, Michael Dominic of Staten Island, NY
Dank, Warren S. of Syosset, NY
Darley, Brya Ann of Cheshire, CT
Davis, Jamie Catherine of Old Saybrook, CT
Dawson, Kyle C. of Orange, CT
Dayton, Matthew McGuire of West Hartford, CT
De La Cruz, Jasinta  of New York, NY
Dearden, Jeffrey George of Wilbraham, MA
DeFelice, Joel Adam of Ellington, CT
DeFelice, Linda Joyelle of Stratford, CT
Delis, Peter  of Hartford, CT
DeMelfi, Christy Marie of Hicksville, NY
Dendinger, Meredith Nicole of North Haven, CT
DePaola, Joseph Paul of Pawling, NY
Di Chiara, Lauren Elizabeth of Garden City, NY
Diaz, Brenda Christine of West Haven, CT
DiBartolomeo, Daniel Stephen of New Milford, CT
Dickey, Sheryl Lynn of Brooklyn, NY
Diegor, M. Melceditha Imelda Llamas of Reston, VA
Diehm, Kathryn Elizabeth of Redding, CT
DiFabio, Max  of New Rochelle, NY
Dillon-Amelung, Chastidy Rebecca of New Haven, CT
DiNardi, Teresa Marie of Newington, CT
Dinneen, Kerry Ann of Larchmont, NY
Doline, Bradley Harris of New York, NY
Dominique, Elvita  of Valley Stream, NY
Donaldson, Christopher Damien of Albany, NH
Dority, Elizabeth Conklin of Shelton, CT
Dorn, Jacqueline Marie of New York, NY
Doroghazi, John Matthew of Clayton, MO
Dougiello, Leslie Ann of Easton, CT
Dranoff, Rachel Stober of New Haven, CT
Droz, Rafael John of New York, NY
Dudas, David John of Easton, CT
Duffy, Cynthia J. of White Plains, NY
Duncan, Dawn Marie of Cos Cob, CT
Duncan III, Coleman Connelly of Jackson, TN
Dunn, Lindsay Anne of New Haven, CT
Dworkin, Adam M. of Glastonbury, CT
Dye, Isaac Joaqu�n of Dolgeville, NY
Dyer, Mark  of New Haven, CT
Eberle, Maria P. of Stamford, CT
Ehrlich, Elizabeth Kayla of New York, NY
Eimicke, Kris John of Southbury, CT
Einhorn, Jeffrey Benson of Brooklyn, NY
Einzig, Kimberly Ann of Ridgefield, CT
Ennis, Carolyn  of Trumbull, CT
Erdfarb, Jody C. of New Haven, CT
Erickson, Deborah Steinberg of Westport, CT
Escobedo, Marcia Monique of Hartford, CT
Essien, David E. of Windsor, CT
Etre, Alicia  of New York, NY
Falit, Benjamin Paul of Cheshire, CT
Famodimu, Temitope  of Westbury, NY
Fappiano, Justin Francis of Stonington, CT
Farbenblum, Michael  of Brooklyn, NY
Farisello, Vincent Michael of Watertown, CT
Federici, Nicholas Edward of Greenwich, CT
Federico, Melissa Amalia of New Haven, CT
Feinberg, Stephanie Ann of Fairfield, CT
Feit, Nicole Eugenie of White Plains, NY
Felzen, Nicholas H. of Coral Gables, FL
Ferrabelo, Tracy DaCosta of South Windsor, CT
Fessler, Jennifer Lynn of West Creek, NJ
Fieldston, Lisa J. of New York, NY
Fiengo, Bryan Patrick of North Branford, CT
Fineman, Beck S. of Bridgeport, CT
Fishman, Mitchell S. of Litchfield, CT
Fitzgerald, Daniel P. of Stamford, CT
Flanagan, Erin Regina of Cleveland, OH
Fleischmann, Laura Anne of Washington, DC
Florin, Kevin Douglas of Monroe, CT
Fontana, Anna Marie of Yonkers, NY
Forcucci, Bethany Marie of Cheshire, CT
Frank, Lauren Molly of Hamden, CT
Freed, Jared Devan of Boston, MA
Friedman, David Eliot of Harrison, NY
Fritz, Michael J. of New York, NY
Froehlich, Brendan Lisle of Brookfield, CT
Fulgieri, Mario  of North Bellmore, NY
Furlong, Jennifer Corinne of Cos Cob, CT
Gaertner, Kelly B. of West Hartford, CT
Gajjar, Arish J. of Washington, DC
Gallagher, William Joseph of Bronx, NY
Galluzzo, David James of Meriden, CT
Gardner, Christina L. of Stamford, CT
Gardner, William Donald of New Canaan, CT
Garlans, Kristen Diana of Middletown, CT
Gauthier, Edward  of Enfield, CT
Gavoor, Aram Avedis of Washington, DC
Geer Jr., John Farr of Fairfield, CT
Gentilucci, Geoffrey David of Manchester, CT
Gerlando, Erica  of Canton, CT
Gianquinto, Emily Anne of Hartford, CT
Gick, Kevin Michael of Arlington, VA
Gillies, Marion Lauren of New Haven, CT
Gilmore, Erin Michelle of New York, NY
Glaude, Matthew David of Norwich, CT
Glicksman, Jeremy Steven of Cedarhurst, NY
Glidden, Carrie Leigh of Annapolis, MD
Goff, Abigail Christine of Wethersfield, CT
Goings, Christopher L. of Suffield, CT
Goldberg, Elena M. of Yonkers, NY
Goldmeer, Sari R. of New York, NY
Goldstein, Jonathan Charles of Greenwich, CT
Goldstein, Sarah Michelle of New York, NY
Golkar, Reva Labroo of White Plains, NY
Gora, Richard Steven of Hamden, CT
Graham, Georgia Davies of Brooklyn, NY
Grant, Leicia S. of White Plains, NY
Grant, Scott Wagner of New Haven, CT
Grasso, Richard W. of North Branford, CT
Gray, Winfield L. of Harrison, NY
Graziano, Jennifer M. of White Plains, NY
Green, Robert Thomas of New York, NY
Greenberg, Jeffrey Scott of Woodbridge, CT
Greenblatt, Aaron Jonathan of West Hartford, CT
Greenspon, Amanda Kate of Stamford, CT
Greiner, Ashley Marie of Stamford, CT
Griffin, Jocelyn Mahagony of East Haven, CT
Grippe, Joseph R. of Hamden, CT
Guendelsberger, Rebecca Elizabeth of New Milford, CT
Guerrera, Marley Ann of New York, NY
Guilmartin, Cullen Welles of Hartford, CT
Haas, Bryan Joseph of Watertown, CT
Haberland, John Bristol of Simsbury, CT
Hadfield, Kevin W. of Glastonbury, CT
Hagerty, Sally Oxley of New Canaan, CT
Haladey, Diana M. of New York, NY
Halford, Cheryl Lynn of Rocky Hill, CT
Halley, Vanessa Jane Daborn of Monterey, MA
Halpern, W. Dyer of White Plains, NY
Halprin, Jessica Anne Lerner of Woodbridge, CT
Halsema, Marc J. of Guilford, CT
Hanson, Robyn Elizabeth of Bath, NY
Harayda, Daniel Crawling Bear of Andover, MA
Harrington, Michael Patrick of Wallingford, CT
Haskamp, Sara Dee Newbold of New York, NY
Haskell, Eric Andrew of Hartford, CT
Haslam, James Stevenson of Rocky Hill, CT  06067, CT
Hebert Jr., Leon Francis of Springfield, MA
Hellberg, Julie Cheri of Poughkeepsie, NY
Henderson, Heather Jeannette of Windsor, CT
Hennessey, Christopher Michael of Worcester, MA
Hennessey, James Edward of West Hartford, CT
Hennessy, Kevin R. of West Hartford, CT
Henninger, Katherine T of Norwalk, CT
Henry, Katherine Elizabeth of Arlington, VA
Henry, Kelvin Tyrell of Hartford, CT
Hershman, Elisabeth Amy of New York, NY
Herskowitz, Craig G. of Northport, NY
Hesla, Scott Michael of Marlborough, CT
Hess, Robert Joseph of Stamford, CT
Hetherington, Samantha Lyons of Katonah, NY
Highsmith, Alexis Nicole of Hamden, CT
Hill, Megan Ann of Windsor, CT
Hillman, Allan P. of Hamden, CT
Hinton, Kathryn  of West Hartford, CT
Hite, Christopher Daniel of Willington, CT
Hoffnagle, Gregory Scott of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Hollander, Adam David of New York, NY
Horan, Eric W. of Higganum, CT
Horowitz, Leah A. of Brooklyn, NY
Horsley, Katharine Satterfield of Durham, CT
Houghton, Aimee  of Avon, CT
Houle, Sharon Ellen of Prosepct, CT
Hu, Wei  of Brooklyn, NY
Hubball, Jonathan Joseph of Meriden, CT
Hughes, Kevin Michael of Belchertown, MA
Hull, Robert Austin of North Hollywood, CA
Husain, Parveen  of Brookfield, CT
Hwang, Christine Ruth of Bloomfield, CT
Interlandi, Anthony Joseph of Kensington, CT
Ivanova, Ogniana Vassileva of Bronx, NY
Jablon, Jessica Ann of New York, NY
Janosov, Devin  of Norwalk, CT
Jasinski, Mathew Paul of Hartford, CT
Jasorkowski, Anne Mary of Milford, CT
Javier, Lynn G. of Dallas, TX
Jeffers, LaToya Semone of Queens Village, NY
Jekot, Wayne  of Hartford, CT
Jenkins, John Spencer of Albany, NY
Johnson, Alan Gustave of Greenwich, CT
Johnson, Cassandra Aimee of Old Westbury, NY
Johnson, Kellyanna  of Hartford, CT
Johnston, Cavelle Claire Roxanne of Hartford, CT
Jones, Joseph K. of New York, NY
Jones, Joshua Levi of Stamford, CT
Jonson, Laura Isobel of Simsbury, CT
Kader, Hameem A. of Rego Park, NY
Kahan, Rebecca Sarah of New York, NY
Kaiman, Elliot Greeley of Barton, VT
Kalapos-Rios, Jaclyn  of Huntington, CT
Kantesaria, Amee Kirtikant of Wilbraham, MA
Kaplan, Stefi Nicole of Briarcliff Manor, NY
Kaploun, Eliyahu Z. of New York, NY
Karkos, Melanie  of Danbury, CT
Kaufmann, Heather Lyn of Vernon, CT
Kayar, Talat  of Brooklyn, NY
Kayarian, Kara J. of Richmond, RI
Keenan, Sonja  of New York, NY
Keklik, Freda  of Shelton, CT
Kennedy, Patrick J. of Hamden, CT
Kessler, Lisa E. of South Windsor, CT
Kilaru, Sandhya  of New Haven, CT
Killian, Bryan Michael of Columbia, MD
Kim, Elinor J. of Bayside, NY
Kim, Elizabeth Tammy of New Haven, CT
Kim, Hayoung  of Stamford, CT
Kim, Meenah Yoon of New York, NY
Kim, Sung-Teak Dean of Katonah, NY
Kim, Susan C. of Ann Arbor, MI
Kim, Yeon Jin of Bradford, MA
Klein, Frederick Miles of Fairfield, CT
Klein, Julia Hannah of New York, NY
Klein, Nora E. of Southbury, CT
Kmiec, Jessica Teresa of Marlborough, CT
Koes, Matthew J. of Little Compton, RI
Kohn, Danielle Jodie of New York, NY
Korzhen, Alexander  of Stamford, CT
Kosinski, Anthony Constanty of Feeding Hills, MA
Kotasek, Lisa Marie of Greenwich, CT
Kovacs, Janine M. of Walden, NY
Kravet, Adam Ross of Springfield, MA
Kruper, Debra A. of Franklin Square, NY
Kucharzyk, Jakub  of Rocky Hill, CT
Kukucka, Jon T. of Vernon, CT
Kunkle, Tate James of New York, NY
LaBrecque, Richard O. of Waterbury, CT
Lacedonia, Jill  of Weatogue, CT
LaChance, Amy Barbara of Hartford, CT
Lake, Nicole Elizabeth of Jersey City, NJ
LaLindez, John Anthony of Peekskill, NY
Lamphier, Jon D. of Westport, CT
Landry, Jamie M. of Vernon, CT
Larsen, Kara A. of New York, NY
Laska, Stephanie Catherine of Middlebury, CT
Lauchheimer, Aaron Benjamin of Bronx, NY
Lawton, David L. of Bloomfield, CT
Lefkowitz, Alisa Fay of Stamford, CT
Leger, Shannon D. of Colchester, CT
Leibenhaut, Lindsey Poppe of New York, NY
Lemanowicz Osborne, Elizabeth Lorraine of Queens, NY
Leone, Antonino M. of Cromwell, CT
Levin, Brian Gregory of Springfield, MA
Levin, Gabrielle  of New York, NY
Levinson, Andrew Craig of New York, NY
Lewis, Robert Walker of Dobbs Ferry, NY
Listokin, Stephanie P. of New Haven, CT
Lizotte, Brian Normand of Meriden, CT
Lizotte, Lee Ann Friend of Meriden, CT
Lloyd-Jones, Jessica M. of Enfield, CT
Locus, John Adam of Essex, CT
Love, Cynthia  of Old Lyme, CT
Lu, Yong  of Arlington, VA
Lucashuk, Joana M. of New York, NY
Luksberg, Joshua Adam of Stamford, CT
Luo, Chenghua  of Waterford, CT
Maclean, James Crawford of Darien, CT
Maiman, Jessica Z. of Melville, NY
Majcher, Daniel Warren of Cranston, RI
Makarewicz, David Ross of West Hartford, CT
Makofsky, Meredith Bree of Hurleyville, NY
Malloy, Kathleen O'Brien of Stamford, CT
Malone, Margaret Ann of Stamford, CT
Mancini, Kent John of Avon, CT
Mancini, Seth George of West Hartford, CT
Manning, Carolyn K. of Washington, DC
Marasco, Torinto  of Las Vegas, NV
Maresca, Alexander James of East Haven, CT
Marinelli, Josh St. John of New York, NY
Marini, John Paul of Trumbull, CT
Markowicz, Michael C. of New Hartford, CT
Marks, Thomas Joseph of Warwick, RI
Marnin, Stephanie Madnick of Middletown, CT
Marshall, David J. of Madison, CT
Martella, Laura Johnson of Manchester, CT
Martin, Kelly Ann of Groton, CT
Mascolo, Marisa A. of West Hartford, CT
Mate, Rebekah Lynn of Bloomfield, CT
Mathews, Judkins Cooper of New Haven, CT
Matrullo, Jeffrey Paul of Bloomfield, CT
Matthews, Lee Charles of Stamford, CT
Mayhew, Nathan M. of Springfield, MA
McAuliffe, Kathryn T. of Arlington, VA
McCann, Amy Elizabeth of Pleasantville, NY
McCluer-Fakhari, Aisha A. of Brooklyn, NY
McDonough Jr., Robert C. of Charlestown, RI
McElduff, Kristen Ann of Yorktown, NY
McGraw, Ann Hillam of Astoria, NY
McGregor, Jeffrey Stuart of Shelton, CT
McGuire, David Jason of West Hartford, CT
McKenna, Elizabeth R. of New Haven, CT
McKeon, Brendan Edward of New York, NY
McKone, Ryan J. of Branford, CT
McNerney, Christopher Thomas of Ardsley, NY
Medalie, Daniel B. of New York, NY
Megerian, John Daniel of Bayville, NY
Mehta, Swati Devendra of Windsor, CT
Mertzic, Monica Dias of Ludlow, MA
Miettinen, Jarmo Petteri of West Hartford, CT
Migliore, David Stephen of Hamden, CT
Militzok, Brian Jay of Bronxville, NY
Miller, Christine Margaret of North Haven, CT
Miller, Kathleen R. of West Hartford, CT
Miller, Scheree Angelique of Wappingers Falls, NY
Mills, Sarah Cutting of Weston, CT
Mingione, Nicholas N. of East Haven, CT
Misbin, Kenneth Scott of Vernon, CT
Moon, Mark Joon of Farmington, CT
Moore, Ashley McCarthy of Milford, CT
Moore, Laura Jean of Stamford, CT
Moore, Lesa Kay of Bronx, NY
Moore, Jr., John N. of Freeport, NY
Moran, John J. of Westfield, MA
Morosan, David M. of Madison, CT
Morozowich, Andrew John Gabor of Woodbury, CT
Morrow, Ryan Joseph of Phoenix, AZ
Mosca, Sharon Ann of Norwalk, CT
Moss, Lauren Elizabeth of Hamden, CT
Muller, Erica L. of Burlington, CT
Murolo, Joseph Michael of Stratford, CT
Murphy, Edward F. of Old Lyme, CT
Murphy, Jason Michael of Woodside, NY
Murphy, Kelly Ann of Ridgefield, CT
Murphy, Michael Charles of Coram, NY
Murray, Allison Marie of New Haven, CT
Napier, Daniel William of Orange, CT
Neary, Michelle Helena of Arlington, VA
Necci, Matthew S. of Glastonbury, CT
Negugogor, Maier  of Hamden, CT
Neroulias, Jason G. of Bronx, NY
Nesheiwat, Sharif F. of Yonkers, NY
Neuman, Andrea Beth of Rye Brook, NY
Ngo, Chau  of Cicero, NY
Nicastro, Frances Mollie of Stamford, CT
Nichols, Brian David of Tolland, CT
Nickols, Theresa Rose of Bridgeport, CT
Nicotra, Rachel Dara of New York, NY
Novak, Christopher Joseph of New Haven, CT
Nsunwara, Atim Amba of New Haven, CT
Oberweger, Timothy  of Greenwich, CT
O'Connor, Maureen P. of Vernon, CT
O'Connor, Michael A. of Enfield, CT
O'Donnell, Lindsay Nielsen of New York, NY
Ollennu, Jeremiah Nii-Amaa of South Royalton, VT
Oneglia, Mary Saunders of Litchfield, CT
Onofrio, Aimee Lee of Hamden, CT
Orengo, Gabriella Selene of New York, NY
Orkney, Heather Lauren of Stonington, CT
Ovicher, Julie  of Forest Hills, NY
Pappy, Susan John of Durham, CT
Parcella, Elizabeth Ann of New Haven, CT
Parker, James Clayton of New Haven, CT
Parker-Yavuz, Margaret  of West Hartford, CT
Partridge, David Frederick of Bristol, CT
Passarella, Michael John of Easton, CT
Patel, Yogendra B. of Glen Cove, NY
Peco, Nichol Marie of Oceanside, NY
Pedraza, Sonia Melissa of North Branford, CT
Pennessi, Daniel John of Mt. Kisco, NY
Peragine, Robert Joseph of Blue Point, NY
Perlberg, Brandon Michael of New York, NY
Perrault, Brian J. of Torrington, CT
Pescaru, Paula  of Bronx, NY
Pfeuffer, Joseph J. of Coraopolis, PA
Picone, Noelle Irwin of New York, NY
Piech, Mark Andrew of West Hartford, CT
Pinkus, Joshua Marc of Cheshire, CT
Pires, Jacqueline M. of Naugatuck, CT
Pitruzzello, Nicole Marie of Manchester, CT
Plain, Matthew Reilly of East Greenwich, RI
Plitnick, Samantha Lauren of New York, NY
Plude, Kristin Leigh of Bethel, CT
Plunkett, Timothy James of New York, NY
Podolak, Gregory David of Hamden, CT
Polak, Katherine  of Stamford, CT
Pollack, Irwin Mark of Wellesley, MA
Pond, Kristine F. of Stratford, CT
Potenza, Carl Thomas of Cromwell, CT
Powers, William Ashby of Hartford, CT
Prensky, Jeffrey Brent of West Hartford, CT
Prindiville, Michael James of Manchester, CT
Prout, Kristen Brooke of Durham, CT
Provenzano, Vincent  of Bristol, CT
Provost, Matthew Neal of Wethersfield, CT
Purcell, Jessica Lynn of Arlington, VA
Pyetranker, Yakov  of Brooklyn, NY
Quinto, Roldan Villanueva of Fair Lawn, NJ
Raber, Howard Matthew of New York, NY
Radachy, Jason D. of Oakdale, CT
Rafferty, Sinead Anne of Madison, CT
Raggo, Allison Elisabeth of Hartford, CT
Ranks, Andrew Bryant of Raymond, NH
Recht, David A. of Southington, CT
Regan, James Emory of Wallingford, CT
Reid, Tiana Marie of Bloomfield, CT
Reidy, Sean Brendan of Manchester, CT
Reilly, Catherine L. of Brightwaters, NY
Reinke, Jennifer L. of Stamford, CT
Resmini, Bianca Lee of White Plains, NY
Restaino, Alexander Anthony of Yonkers, NY
Reynolds, Erin Marie of New York, NY
Reynolds, Sara Elizabeth of Roanoke, VA
Ribeiro, Larissa Majlessi of Mamaroneck, NY
Ribeiro, Victoria Leao of Windsor Locks, CT
Rickershauser, Janet Mary of Weston, CT
Rickert II, Barry Wood of Danbury, CT
Rightmer, Tracy Erin of North Haven, CT
Rignoli, Jennifer  of Hamden, CT
Riley, Jennifer Lynn of Ellington, CT
Rinaldi, Jennifer Chiarello of Katonah, NY
Ring, Patrick Thomas of Middletown, CT
Ringbloom, Erin Marie of Enfield, CT
Ringbloom, Glen Patrick of Enfield, CT
Rink, Chad M. of Vernon, CT
Rivard, Jeffrey Seth of Vernon, CT
Roan, Suzette McTigue of Gales Ferry, CT
Roberg, Karen Ann of Norwich, CT
Roberts, Blake Christopher of Manchester, CT
Roberts, Susan E. of Hartford, CT
Robinson, Tammy J. of Plainfield, CT
Roche, David A. of Newport, RI
Rodriguez, Dariely  of Brooklyn, NY
Rodriguez, Edgar Giovanni of Cheshire, CT
Rodriguez, Rebecca A. of Nassau, NY
Roe, Robert Scott of Stamford, CT
Rogan, Kristy Michelle of Firest Hills, NY
Rogel, William Francis of Pittsburgh, PA
Rosa, Amye M. of Rockville, MD
Rose, Adam Carter of Simsbury, CT
Rosenblat, Geoffrey Evan of Agawam, MA
Rosenstock, Lynn Olesen of Arlington, VA
Rothaupt, Cynthia Ann of Cromwell, CT
Rowther, Moncie  of Redding, CT
Roy, Marybeth  of Middletown, CT
Rueda, Michael Angelo of Stamford, CT
Russell, Joseph Robert of West Hartford, CT
Russo, Christopher Michael of Enfield, CT
Sadlak, Kristina Aniela of New Haven, CT
Saffi, Alexander Joseph of New York, NY
Sage, Michael Vincent of Hamden, CT
Salafia, Lesley Nicole of West Hartford, CT
Salazar, Nicholas E. of New Haven, CT
Salcedo, Elida  of Bronx, NY
Salido, Vencent L. of Malaki, Manila, Philippines, 
Salomone, Kory James of Tarrytown, NY
Salsedo, Elizabeth Francesca of West Hartford, CT
Samios, Christopher George of Great Neck, NY
Sanok, Edward William of Granville, NY
Sanok, Gerianne Marie of Granville, NY
Santos, Jessica M. of Enfield, CT
Saraco Jr., Robert Nicholas of Milford, CT
Sarkis, Paul A. of West New York, NJ
Satriano, Jessica Christine of East Northport, NY
Sauer, Justin Robinson of Hartford, CT
Sauerhoff, Lee J. of Bloomfield, CT
Savino, Michael Anthony of Bedford, NY
Scalise, Robert Verne of Glastonbury, CT
Scamborova, Petra  of New Haven, CT
Scepanski, Jeffrey Joseph of West Haven, CT
Schaefer, Kristina Marie of Arlington, VA
Scheib, Moose M. of NewYork, NY
Schlechtweg, Sarah J. of Bristol, RI
Schmedlin, Melissa Ann of Milford, CT
Schmidt, Melissa Lynn of Hamden, CT
Schneiderman, Susan  of Bridgeport, CT
Schoonmaker, Frederick Peters of Darien, CT
Schulman, Peter Jesse of Fresh Meadows, NY
Schultz, Pamela Lynn of New York, NY
Sedlak, Kenneth George of Avon, CT
Shapiro, Lauren Hope of South Fallsburg, NY
Sharp, Lee Stephanie of Chester, CT
Shepro, Jeffrey A. of New York, NY
Shifren, David Eric of New York, NY
Shindler-Rashid, Robyn L. of Stamford, CT
Shoshany, Lindsey Anne of Milford, CT
Siegel, Todd Matthew of West Hartford, CT
Sikes, Michelle Toby of Bondsville, MA
Sills, Jonathan Ross of Hartford, CT
Silver, Karen Esther Murad of West Hartford, CT
Silverio, Felix H. of Ware, MA
Silverman, Marc Harris of New York, NY
Sinha, Seema Anita of West Redding, CT
Sklar, Stephanie Denise of New York, NY
Slowik, Christopher Michael of Brooklyn, NY
Smiga, Joseph Alan of Trumbull, CT
Smith, Christopher K. of Stamford, CT
Smith, David Thomas of Wallingford, CT
Smith, Jason J. of New Haven, CT
Smith, Megan Kristine of Millwood, NY
Smith, Paul Timothy of Windsor Locks, CT
Sor, Socheth  of Hartford, CT
Sousa Jr., Thomas John of Amston, CT
Spadaccini, Thomas D. of Ossining, NY
Spaide, Heather Rae of New Canaan, CT
Spencer, Charlene Winnette of Hartford, CT
Sreenivasan, Mohan  of Wethersfield, CT
Staropoli, Audrey B. of West Hartford, CT
Steele-Baird, Svetlana  of Springfield Gardens, NY
Sterling, Christian Arthur of Glastonbury, CT
Stewart, Courtney Elizabeth of Trumbull, CT
Stilp, Erin M. of White Plains, NY
Stivrins, Jennifer Rachel of White Plains, NY
Stolarz, Stefan John of West Hartford, CT
Stone, Matthew L. of Wyoming, RI
Storck III, Edward Nicholas of Milford, CT
Straw, Stephanie A. of West Seneca, NY
Strini, Nancy  of Barkhamsted, CT
Suarez, Oscar Luis of Haverhill, MA
Sullivan, Brian James of Arlington, VA
Sullivan, Sean Patrick of Gales Ferry, CT
Swanson, Cynthia Curtin of Fairfield, CT
Swift, Elizabeth M. of Cromwell, CT
Swift, Kadan Madonna of Plattsburgh, NY
Szymczak, Stephen M. of Paxton, MA
Tait, Melissa Lynn of Middletown, CT
Talbert, Stephanie J. of White Plains, NY
Tanski, John M. of Glastonbury, CT
Tarczynski, Sarah J. of East Longmeadow, MA
Taylor, Evan James of Washington, DC
Termine, Kori Elizabeth of Middletown, CT
Tetreault, Brian Edward of Berlin, CT
Thampan, Jennifer Geetha of New Britain, CT
Theodosiou-Roussas, Sevasti  of Newtown, CT
Thomas, Cecil Joseph of Hartford, CT
Thomas, Clarisse Nicole of Hartford, CT
Thoren, Natasha F. of St. Louis, MO
Tibbits, Stephanie Ann of Manchester, CT
Tiberio, Heath Adam of Coventry, CT
Tinnen, Clyde Wilson of Wilton, CT
Tomasio, Hugo Anthony of Norwalk, CT
Tomlin, John Spencer of White Plains, NY
Troha, Michael Joseph of Brooklyn, NY
Tsai, Mark M. of Flushing, NY
Tucciarone, Peter Matthew of Massapequa Park, NY
Tuttle, Scott C. of Brooklyn, NY
Upson, Paula K. of Watertown, CT
Vacek, Julia Beth of Boston, MA
Van der Veer, Nancy Helen of Providence, RI
Van Sicklen, Sarah Gilligan of West Shokan, NY
Vara-Gulmez, Lisa S. of New York, NY
Vars, Lesley Foster of New York, NY
Veny, Jason Randall of Hempstead, NY
Vernon, Heather Alexandria of Boston, MA
Verteramo, Jared Daniel of Plainview, NY
Vidaver, Sidney Joseph of New York, NY
Vulpescu, Julie Hallowell of Katonah, NY
Wachsman, Cara Jean of Ellington, CT
Wagner, Natalie Sage of West Hartford, CT
Wahla, Mehvish Nawaz of West Hartford, CT
Wallace, Blair Harrison of Brooklyn, NY
Walls, Christopher James of Danbury, CT
Walsh, Kevin Peter of Stony Brook, NY
Wan, Leonard  of Richmond Hill, Canada L4B 3L5, 
Wang, John Xiong of Bowie, MD
Wargo, Holli Ann Beasley of Hamden, CT
Watson, Lucas Meyer of Bloomfield, CT
Watson III, George William of Sutton, MA
Weaver, Daniel J. of New Haven, CT
Weber, George Harris of Granville, MA
Weeks, Jason Michael of New York, NY
Weiner, Matthew Aaron of Hartford, CT
Weinstein, Jessica Sara of Harrison, NY
Welch, Jeremiah M. of Long Beach, CA
Wellington, Ayana Bernadette of Hempstead, NY
Welsh, Walter Brendan of Stamford, CT
Westerfield, Brad Franklin of London EC4M 7EG, UK
Wetmore, Jonathan Andrew of Stratford, CT
Whitbeck, Alyssa Leith of Plainville, CT
White, Benjamin Charles of Stamford, CT
Whiteside, Katharine Doughan of Fairfield, CT
Widness, Jennifer Patricia of West Hartford, CT
Wiggins, Princess Victoria of Hartford, CT
Williams, Jennai Shelby of West Hartford, CT
Williams, Kay Anne of Hartford, CT
Williams, Roderick Ryan of Barrow, AK
Willis, Robert C. of Richmond Hill, NY
Wilson, Michael Paul of Philadelphia, PA
Wilson, Tanyka T. of Bronx, NY
Windsor, Kathryn S. of West Kingston, RI
Wisniewski, Alice Lucy of Hartford, CT
Woods, William T. of Mt Vernon, NY
Worrell, Sonia Joyce of Syracuse, NY
Wragg, Jessica Ziemian of Woodbury, CT
Yearick, Angelina Michelle of White Plains, NY
Yi, David  of Hartford, CT
Ylitalo, Susan Wall of West Haven, CT
Yorio, Nicholas Peter of Hebron, CT
Young, Eva M. of New York, NY
Youngling, Megan Mitchell of West Hartford, CT
Yuan, Zhuang  of Syosset, NY
Zagreda, Angela  of Hopewell Junction, NY
Zaratin, Erik  of Syosset, NY
Zeppieri, Joseph Peter of Groton, CT
Zheng, Yue  of Medford, MA
Zimmerman, Kevin M. of Flushing, NY
Zimmerman, Stacie Ann of Springfield, MA
Zorzy, William J. of Trumbull, CT
Zwicker, Erik Harrison of Weston, CT

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