Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
Admission Without Examination
(on motion/reciprocity)

Be sure you read and understand the rules of the Superior Court and the regulations of the Bar Examining Committee governing Admission to the Connecticut bar.

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The application for admission without examination is now an online application that can only be submitted online through the Connecticut Bar Examining Committee’s new website at Applicants who have not already started or submitted a paper application must create a user account and submit an application on the new website. Applicants who have started a paper application but have not yet filed it may submit their paper application by April 30, 2024. Applications will not be accepted by mail or in-person after April 30, 2024. Applicants may NOT submit an online application if they have already submitted a paper application.

All information regarding admission without examination can be found on the new CBEC website at

Information and forms for paper applications:


Attorney Links

    Admission Requirements: (Connecticut Practice Book)

    The following summary of the requirements for admission without examination is for guidance only. See the rules for the exact language of the requirements which language is controlling:


    1) Juris Doctor or equivalent law degree from an ABA or Committee approved law school (Rule 2-13(a)), or a Committee approved foreign legal education pursuant to Art. II-3 of the CBEC Regulations.

    2) Good moral character, fit to practice law and in good standing in each jurisdiction in which admitted (Rule 2-13(a)(1))

    3) Admitted to the bar in at least one jurisdiction which will admit Connecticut attorneys to its bar without examination under provisions similar to those in Rule 2-13 13 (List of Reciprocal Jurisdictions) OR is a full-time faculty member or full-time clinical fellow at an accredited Connecticut law school and admitted in a reciprocal or non-reciprocal jurisdiction

    4) Duly licensed to practice law and lawfully engaged in the practice of law as principal means of livelihood for at least five of the last ten years immediately preceding filing for admission in Connecticut (Rule 2-13(a)(2))*

    5) A score of at least "80" on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) or a "C" or better in a course in professional responsibility at an ABA-approved law school. (Rule 2-13(a)(1); Art. IV CBEC Regulations).

    6) Per Section 2-13(b), the “practice of law” shall include the following activities, if performed after the date of the applicant’s admission to the jurisdiction in which the activities were performed or if performed in a jurisdiction that permits such activity by a lawyer not admitted to practice:

    • representation of one or more clients in the practice of law;
    • service as a lawyer with a state, federal, or territorial agency, including military services;
    • teaching law at an accredited law school, including supervision of law students within a clinical program;
    • service as a judge in a state, federal, or territorial court of record;
    • service as a judicial law clerk;
    • service as authorized house counsel;
    • service as authorized house counsel in Connecticut before July 1, 2008 or while certified pursuant to Section 2-15A; or
    • any combination of the above.

    * If you were unsuccessful on the Connecticut bar examination within the past five years, you are not eligible to apply for admission without examination at this time. Please see Practice Book § 2-13(a)(2)(B).



    To be considered filed you must complete and file all of the following:


    Form Number and Title

     [     ]

    Form M1 - Application

     [     ]

    Form M6 - Summary sheet

     [     ]

    Form M9 - Status Sheet

    [     ]

    $1800.00 certified check or money order (the Bar Examining Committee does not accept personal, company or law firm checks)

    The following forms and any supporting documentation may be submitted with the application or within 1 year of the initial filing date:


    Form Number and Title

    [     ]

    Form M4 – Affidavit of good standing

    [     ]

    Form M8 – Certificate of Actual Practice

    Retain a copy of everything you file with the Committee.

    Form and Title Fillable PDF
    Form M1 - Application - If you have not already started a Form M1 application (fillable PDF), you must file an online application on the new website.
    Form M2 - Additional response page M2
    Form M3 - Amendment M3
    Form M4 - Affidavit of good standing M4
    Form M6 - Summary sheet M6
    Form M7A - Address change labels M7A
    Form M8 - Certificate of Actual Practice M8
    Form M9 – Status Sheet M9
    Instructions for Forms M12, M13, M14, & M20 Instruc.
    Form M12 – Personal reference letter M12
    Form M13 - Affidavit of Connecticut attorney M13
    Form M14 - Affidavit of attorney admitted for at least five years M14
    Form M15 – Affidavit of dean of an accredited CT law school at which you are a full-time faculty member or a full-time clinical fellow M15
    Form M19 - Certificate of dean of law school M19
    Form M20 - Employer reference letter M20
    Form M20A - Employment-continuation page M20A
    Form M21 - Application Forms Filing Checklist M21
    Form M31 – Military Service M31
    Form M50A - Driving Records-continuation page M50A


    General Instructions and Checklist

    The completed application and supporting documents are to be sent to:

    Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
    Motion Application Department
    100 Washington Street,1st Floor
    Hartford, Connecticut 06106-4411

    2) The application must be typewritten or completed on our fill-in form. Handwritten applications will be returned unprocessed.

    3) Attach a self-addressed, stamped post card to your application if you wish an immediate acknowledgement of your filing.

    4) The filing fee is $1800.00. All fees must be paid by certified check or money order payable to: Connecticut Bar Examining Committee. Fees are non refundable. No personal, corporate or law firm checks will be accepted.

    5) Notify the administrative office immediately of any address changes.


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