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Connecticut Law About Liquor
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Useful Information   Connecticut General Statutes
Department of Consumer Protection:
[The Dept. of Consumer Protection, in conjunction with the Liquor Control Commission, licenses all aspects of the liquor industry.]

Liquor Control Division
OLR Research Reports-Office of Legislative Research:
  • Penalties For Serving Alcohol To Intoxicated Persons
    You asked (1) what the penalties are for an alcoholic liquor permittee who serves alcohol to an intoxicated person and (2) whether the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) is notified after an accident involving alcohol.
  • Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages
    You asked for (1) a history of increases in taxes on alcoholic beverages in Connecticut, (2) the alcoholic beverage tax rates in surrounding states, and (3) whether any surrounding states have recently increased their alcoholic beverage taxes.
  • Cigarette and Liquor Sales
    You asked why there is a minimum mark-up for cigarettes and a prohibition against selling alcohol below cost. Also, you asked why there are defined hours for the sale of alcohol to be consumed off premises.
  • The Liquor Control Act and Liquor Prices
    You asked for a summary of the provisions of the Liquor Control Act that either are directly concerned with prices or have a strong indirect effect on prices.
  • Preventing Minors from Purchasing or Possessing Alcoholic Beverages
    You asked for (1) a summary of state law prohibiting or preventing minors from purchasing or possessing alcoholic beverages and (2) statistics on enforcing those laws.
  • Minors in Bars
    You asked if (1) minors are allowed to be in barrooms where alcohol is served and (2) the law allows parents to serve liquor to their minor children.
  • Delivery of Wine from Out-of-State Vendors
    You asked for an analysis of Granholm v. Heald concerning the direct shipment of wine to consumers by producers and its impact on Connecticut wineries and consumers. 
  • Under-Age Drinking Parties
    You asked about laws regarding under-age drinking at parties and who can be charged criminally.
  • State Law Concerning Liquor and Minors
    You asked for a summary of state law and recent proposals concerning liquor and minors.
  • Liquor Control Commission Responsibilities
    You asked for the responsibilities of the Liquor Control Commission, especially as they affect the price of liquor.
  • Laws Restricting Alcohol by Minors in Private Places
    You asked for a description of laws in Connecticut and other states restricting possession of alcohol by minors (those under 21) in private places.
  • Alcohol Prohibited in State Parks
    You asked by what authority the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) banned alcohol in state parks except under rental agreements or permits for certain events
  Chapter 545 Intoxicating Liquors

     Liquor Control Act
  • Part I
    Sec.30-1. Definitions
  • Part II - Department of Consumer Protection: Liquor Control
    Sec.30-2. Liquor Control Commission
    Sec.30-6a. Adoption of regulations

  • Part III - Local Option
    Sec. 30-9. Status of towns, as to sale of alcoholic liquor
    Sec  30-10. Vote on liquor permit question

  • Part IV - Permits
    Sec. 30-14. Nature and duration of permit
    Sec 30-20. Package store permits. Grocery store beer permits.
    Sec 30-36. Druggist permit

  • Part V - Prices
    Sec. 30-63. Registration of brands, fees. Posting and notice of prices. Brand registration of fortified wine.

    See Alcoholic Beverage Tax Chapter 220

  • Part VI - Seizures
    Secs.30-69 to 30-73 are repealed.

  • Part VII -Prohibited Acts, Penalties and Procedure
    Sec. 30-74. Unauthorized sale prohibited.
    Sec. 30-77. Disposing of liquor without permit.
    Sec. 30-88a. Operator's license as proof of age.
    Misrepresentation of age to procure liquor.

    Sec. 30-89. Purchasing liquor or making false statement to procure liquor. Possessing liquor by minor on public or private property prohibited; exceptions.
    Sec. 30-91. Hours and days of closing. Exemptions.
    Sec. 30-113. Penalties.

Public Acts

  • P.A. 07-4. An act concerning not-for profit entities and charitable fundraising events at which alcoholic liquor is sold [pdf]
  • P.A. 07-39. An act concerning alcohol shipping permits [pdf]
  • P.A. 07-41. An act concerning alcohol server and seller training [pdf]
  • P.A. 07-146. An act concerning university beer, wine and liquor permits [pdf]
  • P.A. 07-165. An act concerning notice in dram shop actions involving death or incapacity [pdf]

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