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Connecticut Public Acts
Research guides prepared by the Connecticut Judicial Branch law librarians:
  • Rights of Minors in Connecticut
  • § 4. Truancy
  • § 5. School Discipline
  • § 6. Freedom of Speech in Public Schools
  • Connecticut Commission on Children:

    OLR Research Reports - Office of Legislative Research:

    • Threats to Schools 2014-R-0282
      This report explains: 1. existing laws that pertain to threats to schools and 2. state agency efforts to track the number and nature of threats made to schools.

    • Comparison of Charter, Magnet, Agriculture Science Centers, and Technical High Schools 2014-R-0257
      Compare the state laws and funding for four types of schools: charter schools, interdistrict magnet schools, regional agricultural science and technology education centers (“agri-science centers”), and technical high schools.

    • School Bus Driver Licensing and DUI Suspensions 2014-R-0241
      What are the requirements for issuing school bus driver licenses and suspending those held by school bus drivers convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) offenses?

    • School Bus Speed Limits 2014-R-0223
      What led to the 50 mph speed limit for school buses and what would be the ramifications of increasing it?

    • Comparision of Charter, Magnet, and Innovation Schools 2014-R-0218
      Compare the state laws and funding for three types of public schools: charter schools, interdistrict magnet schools, and innovation schools. (This updates OLR Report 2011-R-0001.)

    • UCONN Student Code Violations 2014-R-0222
      What are the possible sanctions for conduct violating UConn’s Student Code? How many times has UConn imposed each sanction in the last five academic years and for which offenses?

    • Required Data in the Public School Information System  2014-R-0220
      Describe the types of data that must be included in the Public School Information System (PSIS) and include the appropriate statutory references.

    • Behavioral Health and School Safety Legislation, 2013 And 2014 2014-R-0163
      What legislation was enacted this year and last year concerning behavioral health and school safety?

    • Private School Athletic Coach Concussion Training  2014-R-0142
      Does the recent concussion legislation (PA 14-66) impose additional liability on
      private school athletic coaches? Do the act and the underlying law’s requirements
      extend to private school coaches?

    • Busing Public and Private School Students  2014-R-0144
      What are the state laws and policies governing a municipality’s responsibility to bus public and private school children to school?

    • FERPA, Recent Changes in Federal Regulations, and State Compliance 2014-R-0127
      1. the federal Family Educational Rights and
      Privacy Act (FERPA),
      2. the recent changes in the federal regulations
      giving outside entities more access to
      student information and any rationale for the
      changes, and
      3. how states comply with the law?

    • Status Of Dyslexia Under Special Education Laws  2014-R-0058
      1. Is dyslexia a learning disability under state
      and federal special education law?
      2. Does Connecticut require dyslexia screening
      for all students?
      3. Does the state Department of Education
      (SDE) provide school districts with specific
      guidance to assist them in identifying
      students with dyslexia?

    • Drug Testing in the Workplace and in Publiic Schools  2014-R-0048
      What is the law controlling drug testing of employees in the
      workplace and students in public schools?

    • Education Mandates on School Districts  2013-R-0294
      This report contains a list of statutory mandates imposed on Connecticut public school districts over the past few years.

    • New School District Security Measures  2013-R-0164
      You asked for a list of new security measures that the state's school districts have proposed or adopted in response to the December 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

    • Armed School Security  2013-R-044
      This report provides a sample of four states, including Connecticut, that permit armed security personnel in schools. We chose three of these states – Arizona, California, and Virginia – because their laws are frequently cited in school security literature. Besides describing the states' laws, the report also provides information on how the states fund the security personnel.

    • OLR Backgrounder: Education Reform Provisions Taking Effect In 2013 or After  2012-R-0466
      In the 2011 and 2012, the General Assembly made major changes in the state's education laws. These new laws take effect over several years, with many provisions to be implemented in 2013 through 2020.
      This report summarizes those provisions in two tables. Table 1 briefly summarizes recently enacted provisions affecting prekindergarten to Grade 12 education currently scheduled for implementation in the next seven years. Table 2 lists the schedule for reporting to the legislature on the progress of recently enacted education initiatives. Both tables list the provisions and reports in chronological order by their effective or starting dates, in the case of requirements taking effect in future years, or by due date, in the case of reports.
      For additional information about the statutory requirements and reports listed below, as well as all education-related laws enacted during the last two sessions, see OLR's Acts Affecting Education reports for 2011 (2011-R-0303) and 2012 (2012-R-0198). OLR Report 2012-R-0201 also provides a glossary of terms used in recently enacted education reform legislation and in this report.

    • New School Readiness Spaces, Family Resource Centers, And School-based Health Clinics  2012-R-0269
      You asked which school districts are eligible for the new school readiness spaces, family resource centers, and school-based health clinics required by the 2012 Education Reform Act (PA 12-116).

    • School Physical Education Time Requirements 2012-R-0272
      You asked what the state requirements are for the duration of physical education classes or activity in public schools.

    • Notification To Parents Of School Withdrawal And Transfer To A New School  2012-R-0225
      You asked whether state law requires a school district to notify both parents when one parent withdraws a child from school and enrolls him or her in school in a different district.

    • Use Of Restraint And Seclusion In Connecticut Public Schools  2012-R-0084
      You asked for a summary of state law and regulations governing restraint and seclusion of students in Connecticut public schools and to provide available information on the prevalence of these measures.
      Because state law addresses restraint and seclusion regarding special education students, this report focuses on that population.

    • Teacher Layoff and Teacher Evaluation Requirements  2011-R-0075
      You asked for a summary of the statutory requirements governing teacher layoffs and teacher evaluations.

    • Expulsion for Conduct Outside of School  2011-R-0054
      You asked what authority a local school board has to expel a student from school for conduct off school grounds. You were especially interested in whether a school board may expel a student for a sexual assault that occurs away from school.

    • Individualized Education Plan and 504 Plan Complaint Processes  2011-R-0010
      You asked for a summary of the processes for reporting and resolving complaints about (1) special education individualized education programs (IEPs) developed under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and (2) accommodation plans for students with disabilities developed under § 504 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (504 plans). You also asked whether these procedures vary from state to state.

    • Special Education Individualized Education Programs and Forms  2010-R-0355
      You asked us to summarize the information the federal special education law and regulations require school districts to include in the individualized education programs (IEPs) for children receiving special education.

    • Required Services for School-Aged Children with Autism  2010-R-0051

    • Burden of Proof in Certain Types of Education Due Process Hearings  2010-R-0480
      You asked if education law or regulation for due process hearings regarding school accommodation, residency, and discipline matters address which party in a proceeding bears the burden of proof. You also asked us to compare these types of hearings to special education hearings in Connecticut, where the burden of proof is always on the school district.

    • OLR Backgrounder: Burden of Proof in Special Education Due Process Hearings  2010-R-0439
      This report provides background information and an explanation of the issue of Burden of proof in special education due process hearings in Connecticut and neighboring states. It updates
      OLR Report 2010-R-0054

    • Home Schooling In Connecticut And Other States  2008-R-0292
      You asked for a comparison of Connecticut's regulation of home schooling with that of other states.

    • Policies for Reporting Troubled Students  2008-R-0098
      You asked if the state's public colleges and universities have policies for faculty members to report students who they suspect may pose a risk to themselves or others. If not, you wanted to know how they raise faculty members' awareness about troubled students.

    • Teacher Certification and Teachers' Retirement  2007-R-0687
      You asked several questions about teacher certification and teacher's retirement. We list the questions and answers individually below.

    • Special Education Litigation Costs  2007-R-0347
      You asked if Connecticut or any of its neighboring states impose a limit on the amount a local or regional board of education can spend to litigate a special education dispute with a parent. 

    • Home Schooled Students and Access to School Services  2007-R-0189
      You asked if a local school district has the right to deny services to home schooled children. 

    • Parents' Special Education Due Process Rights  2007-R-0059
      You asked what rights parents of a child with possible dyslexia or another problem that affects his ability to read have to require the school district where the child attends school to evaluate the child and pay for the evaluation.

    • Possession of Weapon on School Grounds  2006-R-0658
      You asked whether properly trained Connecticut public school faculty and staff are allowed to have guns in schools.

    • Teachers and Social Security  2006-R-0547
      This report answers frequently asked questions about (1) why teachers are not covered, (2) other states that have similar Social Security exclusions, (3) federal benefit reductions that apply when teachers qualify for Social Security from other employment, and (4) what the state would have to do to include teachers under Social Security.

    • Protection for Teachers from False Accusations  2006-R-0023
      You asked if Connecticut or any other state has a program to protect teachers from financial distress or damage to their reputations from false accusations of impropriety by students.

    • Municipal Referendums  2005-R-0423 

    • Teacher Sick Days  2005-R-0396
      You want to know whether teachers' sick days and personal days are set by statute, regulations, or collective bargaining agreements.

    • Sheff v. O'Neill Settlement  2003-R-0112 

    • Legal Gambling in Schools  2003-R-0055
      You want to know what kind of gambling is now legally permissible at school-sponsored events now that Las Vegas nights are illegal. 

    • School Expulsion Procedure  2002-R-0849
      You asked what procedure a school district must follow to expel a high school student for carrying a weapon on school grounds. 

    • Education of Homeless Children  2002-R-0561 

    • Mandated Reporter Law  2002-R-0528 

    • Teacher Tenure Law  2002-R-0469
      You asked for a summary of the teacher tenure law (CGS § 10-151).

    • Handling of Confidential Student Records  2002-R-0338
      You asked several specific questions about how schools and school districts are required to handle confidential student records, especially medical and other types of records relating to an evaluation and individualized program for a special education student. 

    • Home Schooling in Connecticut and Other States  2002-R-0036
      You asked for a comparison of Connecticut's regulation of home schooling with that of other states. 

    From the Connecticut Network for Legal Aid:

    Pamphlets from the Connecticut Women's Education and Legal Fund:

    Publications from the Connecticut Department of Education:

    Publication from the Connecticut Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities:

  • Special Education is Not a Place (Advocacy Guide) - English - Spanish - Publication is currently under revision
  • Information from KidsCounsel Center for Children's Advocacy:

    Publications from the Congressional Research Service:

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    Connecticut General Statutes

    Selected Statutes:

    Chapter 166 - Teachers and Superintendents

  • Sec. 10-151. Employment of teachers. Definitions. Notice and hearing on failure to renew or termination of contract. Appeal. [Tenure Law]

  • Sec. 10-151a. Access of teacher to supervisory records and reports in personnel file.

  • Sec. 10-151c. Nondisclosure of records of teacher performance and evaluation. Exceptions.

  • Chapter 168 - School Attendance and Employment of Children

  • Sec. 10-184. Duties of parents. School attendance age requirements.

  • Sec. 10-185. Penalty. [Noncompliance with Sec. 10-184]

  • Sec. 10-198a. Policies and procedures concerning truants.

  • Sec. 10-199. Attendance officers. Duties.

  • Sec. 10-200. Habitual truants.

  • Chapter 170 - Boards of Education

  • Sec. 10-233a. Definitions [Removal, Suspension, Expulsion of Student].

  • Sec. 10-233b. Removal of pupils from class.

  • Sec. 10-233c. Suspension of pupils.

  • Sec. 10-233d. Expulsion of pupils.

  • Sec. 10-233e. Notice as to disciplinary policies and action.

  • Sec. 10-233f. In-school suspension of pupils. Reassignment.

  • Sec. 10-233g. Reports of principals to police authority concerning physical assaults upon school employees by students.

  • Sec. 10-233h. Arrested students. Reports by police, disclosure, confidentiality. Police testimony at expulsion hearings.

  • CT Department of Education Regulations

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