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  Recent Connecticut Public Acts

Research guides prepared by the Connecticut Judicial Branch law librarians:

Legislative Reports from the Connecticut Office of Legislative Research:

  • Acts Affecting Condominiums (2002-2014) - 2015-R-0126
    This report provides brief summaries of acts enacted since 2002 amending the Common Interest Ownership Act (CIOA) and the Condominium Act. (There were no such acts in 2002-2004 or 2008.) Not all provisions of the acts are included here. Acts that make only technical changes in the statutes are not included. Complete summaries of the acts are in the yearly Public Act Summary books and on OLR’s website.

  • Liability for Certain Damage at Condominiums - 2015-R-0125
    This report summarizes any recent amendments to the Common Interest Ownership Act’s provision on liability for damages at condominiums caused by misconduct or related reasons (CGS § 47-257(e)).

  • Condominium Rental Restrictions - 2014-R-0212
    What is the process under the Common Interest Ownership Act (CIOA) for condominiums to establish rental restrictions?

  • Condominium Executive Boards - 2014-R-0162
    Summarizes the powers and duties of condominium executive boards.

  • Connecticut's Priority Lien for Common Interest Communities - 2013-R-0184
    You asked how the recent Superior Court decision (Lake Ridge Condominium Association, Inc. v. Vega, 2012 WL 6634905 (Conn. Super.)) affects Connecticut's priority lien for common interest communities (CGS § 47-200 et seq.). You asked whether this decision could have an adverse effect on common fees used to support condominium budgets.

  • Condominium Common Charges During Foreclosure - 2013-R-0178
    You asked about the payment of common charges for a condominium unit that is going through foreclosure.

  • Condominium Budget Approval - Legislative History - 2012-R-0339
    You asked for the legislative history of the Common Interest Ownership Act (CIOA) provision on approval of annual budgets for condominiums and other common interest communities.

  • Applicability Of Common Interest Ownership Act - 2012-R-0315
    You asked for a list of provisions in the Common Interest Ownership Act (CIOA) that apply to common interest communities created before 1984.

  • Condominium Fines And Assessments - 2012-R-0196
    You asked if the law (1) limits the late fees or fines that common interest communities may charge unit owners or (2) otherwise restricts how common interest communities can address an owner's failure to pay assessments.

  • Condominium Association's Duty To Provide Insurance - 2012-R-0093
    You asked what responsibility a condominium association has to provide insurance coverage for residential condominiums. This report updates OLR Report 2006-R-0593.

  • Condominium List and Education Programs - 2011-R-0434
    You asked if the Secretary of the State's Office or the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) maintain a list of all condominium associations in the state. You also asked if any states have laws or programs to educate condominium owners or board members about the law and their rights.

  • Proxy Voting In Condominium Associations - 2011-R-0417
    You asked about proxy voting in condominium associations, including a summary of Connecticut law and whether other states allow or prohibit proxy voting.

  • Common Interest Ownership Act-Approval of Budgets and Capital Expenses - 2011-R-0315. You asked about recent changes regarding the process for condominium associations to approve budgets or capital expenses.

  • Changes to Insurance Requirements for Condominium Associations - 2010-R-0378. You asked several questions about PA 09-225's changes to insurance requirements for condominium associations, particularly the requirements regarding owner-installed improvements and betterments. The questions and answers appear below.

  • Changes to Common Interest Ownership Act Regarding Amendments to Declaration - 2010-R-0238. You asked about changes to the Common Interest Ownership Act regarding the process to amend the community's declaration certificate.

  • Condominium Act - Rights of Unit Owners -
    2009-R-0123. You asked what actions unit owners can take under the Condominium Act to contest decisions and actions taken by the association of unit owners' board of directors. You also asked if the act authorizes a unit owner to repair significant damage to his unit (but not the common elements) without the board's approval. Your questions assume the unit owner is in a condominium that is governed by the Condominium Act.

  • Compensating Condominium Owners for Municipal Services - 2009-R-0138
    You asked if other states' laws allow municipalities to compensate condominium owners for trash pick up, snow plowing, or other municipal services they pay for through property taxes but do not receive.

  • Valuing Property for Assessment Purposes -

  • Qualifications of Condominium Officers - 2008-R-0007. You asked what recourse a condominium unit owner has when the executive board selects someone to be the treasurer who has several felony convictions on his record.

  • Condominiums - Flip Taxes - 2008-R-0107.
    You asked for background information on flip taxesť in connection with condominium unit sales. You also asked whether other states allow or mandate them.

  • Condominiums - Annual Budget - Unit Ownership Act - 2008-R-0354. You asked whether the Unit Ownership Act requires the adoption of an annual budget each year or permits the prior year's budget to be used if a new one is not adopted.

  • Condominiums and Flag Displays - 2007-R-0249.
    You asked about state laws regarding the internal rules that condominium associations may establish, and the right of a condominium owner to display an American flag.

  • Condominiums - Access to Association Records - 2007-R-0389. You asked what rights unit owners have to examine association records in condominiums created under the Unit Ownership Act and the Condominium Act.

  • Condominiums-Development Rights - 2007-R-0427
    You asked how the Common Interest Ownership Act deals with development rights.

  • Petitions for Condominium Association Meetings - 2006-R-0561. You asked about the law regarding the ability of condominium unit owners to petition for an association or board of directors' meeting.

  • Common Interest Ownership Act - Voting Requirements, Proxy Voting, And Adoption of CIOA By Pre CIOA Condominiums - 2006-R-0586.
    Regarding the common interest ownership act
    (CIOA), you asked (1) for the voting requirements for various activities, (2) whether proxy voting is allowed or required, and (3) which condominiums have adopted CIOA in place of the old law that previously governed them.

  • Condominiums - Association's Duty to Provide Insurance - 2006-R-0593
    You asked what responsibility a condominium association has regarding insuring condominium units in residential condominiums.

  • Condominiums and Code of Ethics - 2006-R-0630
    You asked whether the statutes contain a code of ethics for members of a condominium association's board of directors.

  • Condominiums- Mergers and Amendments to Bylaws by Chapter 825 Condominiums - 2006-0728
    You asked whether condominiums organized under Chapter 825 may merge with other condominiums organized under that chapter. You also asked whether the law prohibits unit owners of such condominiums from amending their bylaws to require that the unit owners of condominiums that create a master association vote for any budget for common expenses approved by the master association board.

  • Condominiums - Applicable Law - 2005-R-0348.
    You asked (1) what sections, if any, of the common interest ownership act apply to large residential condominium developments created during the late 1960s and early 1970s; (2) can these condominiums opt to be governed by the current law; and (3) if so, what are some advantages of doing so.

  • Condominiums - Fees for Financial Information to Unit Owners - 2005-R-0725
    You asked if the law allows or requires a condominium association to charge a unit owner a fee for providing financial information about the condominium, and if so, whether the law set any limits on the fee?

  • Property Insurance for Condominiums - 2004-R-0091.
    You asked if Connecticut law requires a condominium association's insurance policy to cover water damage to a unit owner's property inside a condominium.

  • Laws Concerning Condominiums and Cooperatives - 2004-R-0885. You asked for a summary of laws concerning condominiums and cooperatives.

  • Condominiums - Duty of Association to Repair Common Elements - 2003-R-0562.
    You asked what rights condominium unit owners have when the association of unit owners refuses to make necessary repairs to common elements. You asked whether unit owners could refuse to pay their common charges and instead put them in escrow when the association refuses to make needed repairs.

  • Assessing Condominiums For Property Taxes - 2001-R-0528
    You wanted to know how towns must assess condominiums when they do not receive a service (e.g., trash pick up) the town provides to other residential properties. You also wanted to know if other states require towns to assess condominiums differently in this circumstance.

Library Materials

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See also:

  • Am Jur 2d - Condominiums and Cooperative Apartments, volume 15A.

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Connecticut General Statutes

Selected Statutes:

Chapter 400b - Community Association Managers

Chapter 828 - Common Interest Ownership Act

Part I - General Provisions and Applicability

Part II - Creation, Alteration and Termination of Common Interest Communities

Part III - Management of Common Interest Communities

Part IV - Protection of Purchasers

Part V - Common Interest Communities Containing Conversion Buildings

Chapter 825 - Condominium Act

Chapter 825 - Unit Ownership Act (Revised to 1975) (PDF)
Note: The Unit Ownership Act is not published in the current statutes, but it governs condominiums created before 1977.

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