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Criminal Jury Instructions

Criminal Jury Instructions Home

1.1-5 Juror's Duties and Responsibilities

Revised to August 13, 2013

While you are under consideration as a juror in this case, you cannot discuss this case with anyone, not even other persons who have been selected as jurors. If you are selected as a juror or an alternate, you may only tell your employer and your family that you have been selected as a juror -- nothing more.

Also, you cannot conduct any private research while you are waiting to be questioned today, by using the Internet or any other means. The parties have a right to have the case decided only on evidence they know about and that has been introduced here in court. Information you may find outside the courtroom has not been tested by the oath to tell the truth and by cross-examination and may be unreliable.

Also, if there is anything regarding this case on radio or television or in the newspaper, you cannot listen to it, watch it or read it. If you do come across any reports in the newspaper or a magazine, on TV, or any Internet site or "blog," you may not read or watch them because they may refer to information not introduced here in court or they may contain inaccurate information.

You may not communicate to anyone any information about the case. This includes communication by any means, such as text messages, email, Internet chat rooms, blogs, and social websites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, or Twitter.

Participating in a criminal case as a juror is an important duty. We will attempt to keep any inconvenience for you to a minimum.

<Explain briefly the anticipated schedule of the trial.>

<Excuse the panel.>


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