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Connecticut State Administrative Decisions

Library ResearchAttorney Ethics - Connecticut Statewide Grievance Committee

Attorney General

Comptroller - Connecticut Office of the State Comptroller

Environmental Protection

Ethics Commission

Executive Orders - Connecticut Office of the Governor

Freedom of Information - Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission

Human Rights and Opportunities - Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities

Labor Board Decisions

Public Employees - Connecticut Department of Administrative Services, Human Resources Services

Securities - Connecticut Department of Banking, Securities Division

Taxation - Connecticut Department of Revenue Services

Unemployment - Connecticut Employment Security Board of Review

  • Board of Review Decisions (from Jan. 1990) and precedential Board decisions through the 1990's. Supplements the Precedent Manual.

Utilities - Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control; Connecticut Siting Council.

  • Public Utility Control Final Decisions on cable television, electric, gas, telecommunications, water, and other utilities. Covers from Nov. 1988 (most decisions from 1998).

  • Summaries of Siting Council Decisions on dockets and petitions on the siting of electric transmission lines and generating facilities, hazardous waste handling facilities, telecommunications towers, radioactive waste facilities, and related facilities.

Workers' Compensation - Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission, Compensation Review Board

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Connecticut State Administrative Policies and Procedures

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