How to Find Connecticut Statutes Online

Using the Connecticut General Assembly’s Search Page


By Section Number:


  1. Enter the statute number (for example, 46b-40) in the Number field:



  1. Select Statutes — Section text (1/1/13)

  1. Click

  2. Click Document Name link in search results (e.g. 46B-00-0040 - - - K.HTM)




By Subject

  1. To search the General Statutes by keywords, enter terms in Text field:

·         To search for a phrase, such as "best interest of the child", select contains the phrase from the drop-down menu. This will return only documents which contain the exact phrase. (Equivalent to using quotation marks.)


·         To search for both the words "youth" and "crisis", but not in a specific order, select contains all. This will return documents which contain both words.

  1. Select Statutes — Section text (1/1/13) (or select multiple fields) and click



3. To view a document, click on the Document Name in the search results





Proximity Search


  1. Select Database to search [e.g. Statutes—Section text (1/1/13)]


  1. Enter search in Text box and select proximity search from the drop-down menu


  1. Use connector w/ # between words


  1. Click





Question mark "?" will substitute one character

Asterisk "*" will substitute one or more characters


For example:


Wom?n = Woman or Women (one character)

Child* = Children or Child's (indefinite character)


There is also an Advanced Search available for the statutes.


Browsable format (by Title/Chapter)


For statutes revised to January 1, 2013 go to:

For the 2014 supplement to the 2013 statutes, got to:



4/25/14 revision

Please contact with any questions.