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Spotlight on Resource: American Jurisprudence Trials

by Zigadto, Janet


Each of the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries has a copy of American Jurisprudence Trials in print or electronic format. The set is described as "an encyclopedic guide to the modern practices, techniques, and tactics used in preparing and trying cases, with model programs for the handling of all types of litigation."

Below is a listing of the table of contents for the newest volumes:

Volume 147:

Litigation of Privileged Communications Between Accountant and Client

Litigation of “Professional Services” Exclusion Provision in General Liability Policy

Litigation of Assistance Animal Cases

Litigation of Liability for Internet Posting of “Revenge Porn”

Litigation of Standing to Enforce Lost, Destroyed, or Stolen Negotiable Instrument Under U.C.C. § 3-309

Litigation of Liability of Hospice in Tort, Contract, or Statute for Maltreatment or Mistreatment of Patient

Volume 148:

Litigation of Claim Under Miller Act, 40 U.S.C.A. §§ 3131 et seq.

Litigation of Negligence Claims Under Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977

Litigating Federal Preemption of State Law

Litigation Under Video Rental/Sale Privacy Protection Laws

Litigation of Infertility Malpractice and Negligence Liability

Litigation of Surrogate Parenting Agreements

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