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New in the Libraries

New Titles in the Middletown Law Library

   by Roy, Christopher

New Titles in the New Haven Law Library

   by Zigadto, Janet

The New Haven Law Library has recently acquired the following new books from the American Bar Association:

For additional information, please contact your local Judicial Branch Law Library.

LexisNexis Practice Guide: Connecticut Family Law

   by Roy, Christopher

The 2017 edition of LexisNexis Practice Guide: Connecticut Family Law has been received by many of our law libraries. Each chapter of this guide offers analysis, strategies, checklists, and tips. The table of contents is listed below:

Chapter 1 Marriage
Chapter 2 Jurisdiction
Chapter 3 Dissolution of Marriage and Legal Separation
Chapter 4 Pretrial Pleadings and Discovery
Chapter 5 Alimony
Chapter 6 Division of Property
Chapter 7 Child Support
Chapter 8 Custody and Visitation
Chapter 9 Adoption
Chapter 10 Paternity
Chapter 11 Surrogacy and Gestational Agreements
Chapter 12 Agreements
Chapter 13 Same-Sex Dissolution Issues
Chapter 14 Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 15 Counsel Fees
Chapter 16 Appellate Procedure
Chapter 17 Enforcement of Orders
Chapter 18 Divorce Taxation
Chapter 20 Forms

Encyclopedia of Connecticut Causes of Action - 2017 Edition

   by Roy, Christopher

Our law libraries have received the 2017 edition of The Encyclopedia of Connecticut Causes of Action. This reference book lists civil causes of action, including the elements of each action and the statute of limitation when applicable. The notes section for each entry includes relevant case law. This one-volume title is divided into three sections, common law actions, statutory actions and administrative appeals.

Updated and New Treatises

   by Roy, Christopher

Below is a list of recently updated and new treatises in our law libraries. The links go to our library catalog records, which provide further bibliographic information and list the owning libraries. For a full list of Connecticut treatises by subject, see our Connecticut Treatise Index.

Connecticut Uniform Limited Liability Company Act

   by Roy, Christopher

Public Act 16-97 makes many changes to the Connecticut Uniform Limited Liability Company Act. A summary of those changes is available. The act is effective July 1, 2017.

Also, many of our law libraries have received the 2016 supplement to Connecticut Limited Liability Company Forms and Practice Manual. Here is the table of contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Formation and Organization

Chapter 3: The Operating Agreement
Chapter 4: Organization
Chapter 4A: Single-Member LLCs
Chapter 5: Limited Liability Company Capital
Chapter 6: Allocation and Distribution Provisions
Chapter 7: Management Provisions
Chapter 8: Transfer and Buy-Sell Provisions
Chapter 9: Dissolution
Chapter 10: Books, Records, and Accounting

Chapter 11: Reorganization of the LLC
Chapter 12: Doing Interstate Business
Chapter 13: Professional Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 14: State and Local Tax Issues
Chapter 15: Use of LLCs by Exempt Organizations
Chapter 16: Bankruptcy Issues Concerning LLCs

Connecticut Treatise Index - Updated

   by Mazur, Catherine

Wondering if there is a Connecticut treatise on education law? Looking for Connecticut-specific personal injury law forms?

The Connecticut Treatise Index is a comprehensive listing of contemporary Connecticut legal treatises and form books, organized into useful subject headings. It has been recently updated to include all Connecticut materials as of September 2016.

Some examples of newly released or revised Connecticut law books you'll find in the index:

You can contact one of our twelve law libraries located throughout the state with questions about any of the materials listed in the index.

Connecticut DUI Law - 2016 Edition

   by Roy, Christopher

Our libraries have received the 2016 Edition of Connecticut DUI Law, volume 21 of the Connecticut Practice Series. The major parts to the volume include:

  • Part I: Introducing the Offense
  • Part II: The Administrative "Per Se"
  • Part III: Pretrial
  • Part IV: Trial
  • Part V: The Appeal
  • Part VI: Related Topics

To find out more, contact your local law library or click here for our catalog listing.

Bankruptcy Practice for the General Practitioner, 3d, 2016 ed.

   by Booth, George

A number of our libraries have received Bankruptcy Practice for the General Practitioner, 3d (2016 ed.).

This valuable treatise includes comprehensive coverage of, among other topics:

  • Jurisdiction and venue
  • Debt payments
  • Appeals
  • Duties and benefits of debtors and creditors
  • Estate administration
  • Liquidation
  • Reorganization

To find out whether a law library near you has an up-to-date set, contact your local law library or click here for our catalog listing.