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1.1-10 Replacement of Regular Juror with Alternate Juror

Revised to January 1, 2008

When the jury in this case was selected, six regular jurors and two alternates were chosen.  The reason alternates were chosen was to enable us to proceed all the way through trial even if one or more of the regular jurors became sick or otherwise incapable of serving on the case.  Under our law, when a regular juror becomes unable to continue serving as a juror, the clerk selects one of the alternates by lot to replace that juror, and the alternate is promptly sworn in as the sixth regular juror.

In this case, unfortunately, one of our regular jurors can no longer serve on this case, and thus has been dismissed.  Accordingly, in a lottery held earlier today, our clerk selected one of our remaining alternates, (Mr./Ms.) <alternate's  name>, to become the sixth regular juror.

<If the jury has not yet been sworn in:>  Therefore, when the clerk calls the roll before administering the oath to regular jurors, (Mr./Ms.) <alternate's  name> will be called, and (he/she) will be sworn in as a regular juror.

<If the jury has already been sworn in:>  (Mr./Ms.) <alternate's  name>, now please rise to take your oath as a regular juror.


General Statutes 51-243 (d).


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